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Acoustic Parlor Guitars

  • Baranik Guitars

    Baranik Guitars carries the PX Parlor guitar.The PX is designed to feel like a parlor guitar, but play and sound like a much larger acoustic guitar. Its features include an asymmetrical body design, a 13th fret neck joint and a longer scale of 25.6". The forward shifted treble waist and larger lower bass bout increase both comfort and sound. The 13th fret neck joint of these acoustic parlor guitars allow easy access to the 12th fret for easier harmonics and octave notes. The 25.6" scale increases string tension for dropped tunings. The extra tension also creates more volume and sustain. A cutaway is available for players who need access to higher frets.

  • Froggy Bottom Guitars

    Froggy Bottom Guitars carries the "L", "P14", and "P12" models of acoustic parlor guitars. Models are defined by their body shape, scale length and the number of frets clear of the body (either 12 or 14). Choice of materials, ornamentation, nut width, string spacing, neck profile, cutaway options, and the like are always set in consultation with the player when choosing a parlor acoustic model guitar.

  • Arias

    Arias Guitars carries two acoustic parlor guitars; the Gustavo Arias 2A Parlor Guitar and the Gustavo Arias 1A Parlor Guitar. The 2A uses AA grade solid Bolivian Jacaranda for its back and sides, and AAA grade Canadian Engelmann Spruce or AAA grade solid Western Red Cedar for the soundboard. The 1A acoustic parlor guitar uses AAA grade East Indian Rosewood back and sides, and AAA grade Engelmann Spruce soundboards.

  • Santa Cruz

    Despite it's size, the Santa Cruz PJ model is not designed as a miniature or travel acoustic guitar. It is a parlor guitar. The PJ incorporates contemporary design techniques, including optimized bracing and top construction so that the sound is exceptionally balanced. The sides and back of these parlor guitars are Indian rosewood, while the tops are made of Sitka spruce. Don't let its small size and 24" scale fool you--the PJ acoustic parlor guitar is truly a sophisticated, perfect for intimate settings and recording.

  • Beneteau Guitars

    Realizing that building a parlor guitar is often a collaborative project between builder and player, Beneteau welcomes the opportunity to work with you in turning your acoustic parlor guitar into reality. The '0' 12 fret parlor guitars are the smallest models Beneteau builds. These acoustic guitars are at their best when played as fingerstyle instruments. The dimensions of the upper bout are 9 3/8", the waist measures 8", and the lower bout is 13 7/16" with the depth being 4 1/8".

  • Goodall Guitars

    Goodall offers a Koa Parlor with an Engelmann Spruce Top. The Acoustic Parlor series guitar has a shorter 25" scale length. The bridge, peghead and sound hole have been scaled down. These parlor guitars can be purchased in a 12 or 14 fret neck joint without a slotted peghead, or an optional 12 fret neck joint with the peghead slotted and Waverly tuners in a bronze patina. Similar in tone to a classical guitar, the 12 fret acoustic parlor guitar model has a sweet, round responsive sound.  Much like the Grand Concert series instrument the 14 fret parlor guitar model has more punch and clarity in the mid-range .

  • Urlacher Guitars

    Urlacher Guitars features two acoustic parlor guitar models. A Parlor is a small-bodied acoustic guitar that packs in a surprising amount of volume and punch for its size. The 12 fret neck configuration contributes to a richness of tone that is perfect for expressive fingerstyle music. The shorter and wider neck makes this acoustic instrument very comfortable to play and gives it a similar feel to that of a classical guitar. Urlacher features a Parlor 12 Fret-Hawaiian Curly Koa Guitar and an East Indian Rosewood Parlor Guitar.
  • Kathy Wingert Guitars

    Kathy Wingert Guitars builds an acoustic parlor guitar, made with a one-piece neck and scarfed headstock for simple beauty and strength. These parlor guitars feature rosewood back and sides and a German Spruce top with a 1 3/4" nut width. The 12-fret parlor guitar neck is shaped with a subtle V shape, reminiscent of the vintage acoustic guitars after which it is fashioned, but is very comfortable and easy to play. Specs are as follows : body length 18 3/8" , width at lower bout 12 1/2", width at upper bout 9 3/16", body depth at end 4 ", scale length 25.", and standard nut width 1 13/16" .
  • Olson Guitars

    Olson Guitars currently offers four different sized acoustic instruments; an SJ (Small Jumbo), a Dreadnought, a full sized Jumbo, and a smaller Parlor guitar. These acoustic guitars offer everything from simple fret markers to highly customized inlays. James Olson is a legendary guitar builder and his parlor guitars are every bit as balanced and beautiful as his other designs.
  • Liutaio Mottola

    The Girasoli (Italian for Sunflowers) Parlor Jazz Guitar features a small body and an offset round sound hole. This acoustic guitar body measures 15" across the lower bout and maintains dimensions similar to those of the classical guitar. This parlor guitar's manageable size makes it quite comfortable to play. The plates are arched to a height of approximately 0.75", typical of modern archtop instruments. The top graduation (a more or less uniform 0.25" thick) and bracing were optimized for amplified tone. The result is high internal damping and a particularly stiff guitar top. The stiffness of the top of these parlor jazz guitars allows for the use of a round sound hole. The acoustic tone of a round hole instrument is certainly different than that of an f-hole instrument, but in this case the decision to use the round hole had little to do with the resulting acoustic tone.
  • Hoffman Guitars

    This acoustic parlor guitar has a high and delicate tone which is wonderful for fingerpicking. This is the only guitar Hoffman makes that comes standard with a twelve fret neck. Because the bridge is in the middle of the lower bout of the instrument, the effect is an acoustic guitar with a surprising volume and richness for its size, and the characteristic "sweetness" of the tone. Hoffman Guitars are unique instruments and a joy for the right player. These parlor guitars are available with either a slotted or plank style peghead.
  • Ithaca Stringed Instruments

    ISI carries Parlor Cutaway and standard body acoustic Parlor Guitar models. Thes acoustic parlor guitars are available in both 12 and 14 fret necks, with or without cutaway. When choosing your guitar you have a choice of woods that includes Sitka, Adirondak or European Spruce for the guitar top. Various Rosewoods, Acacias or Maple tonewood species are available for the back and sides of all guitars.

  • Larrivee

    LARRIVEE recently added a new model, the PV-09, their first acoustic Parlor guitar with a Venetian Cutaway. The PV-09 is built with all solid quality woods. The back and sides are from Indian Rosewood, soundboard is of Canadian Sitka Spruce, ebony fretboard and bridge, and the neck is a single piece of South American Mahogany. The 12-fret, 24" short scale neck of these acoustic parlor guitars, using the traditional dovetail method, is attached to the Venetian cutaway body.  Other amenities for all guitars included are a bone saddle, ebony bridge pins accented with abalone dots, Abalone rosette, purflings of solid maple, TUSQ 1 & 3/4" nut, 18:1 ratio tuners with black buttons, and micro-dot fretboard markers. The pickguard is beveled tortoise and surrounded by a sterling silver border. The guitar logo is mother-of-pearl.
  • AJ Lucas Guitars

    The A.J. Lucas acoustic Parlor guitar has a wide fingerboard, 12 frets to the body, and a slotted headstock. These guitars tend to be good for fingerpicking rather than strumming. Lucas parlor guitars are made to Martin 00 and 0 size, probably slightly larger than what is traditionally thought of as a parlor size. These acoustic guitars have a real piano-like quality, with high string-to-string definition and are surprisingly loud for their size. There are 12 frets to the body of this guitar and the ebony fingerboard can be flat or radiused. Normally a nut width of 48mm (1 7/8") is used, giving plenty of room for the fingers, but this can be varied to suit individual taste. Other body sizes and scale lengths are available.

  • Running Dog Guitars

    Running Dog acoustic parlor guitars are unusual in that they are available with a cutaway, giving access above the neck-body joint at the 12th fret of the guitar. The Running Dog Parlor guitar is based on a 1896 Martin size 0. The specs of these acoustic guitars are as follows: 19" body, 13" lower bout, 4" depth, 12 frets to the body and a 24.9" scale.

  • Flammang Guitars

    TDavid Flammang builds acoustic parlor guitars that produce a strong, well-balanced tone. Aside from custom building a parlor sized guitar, David also manufactures acoustic guitars in Dreadnought, Grand Concert, Large Grand Concert, and EL (Jumbo) guitar sizes.

  • Threet Guitars

    Threet Guitars makes 5 different size models ranging from the small acoustic Parlor model to the large and loud Jumbo guitar. The guitars are available in 2 different styles; Custom and Deluxe. Threet offers extensive custom options when ordering your acoustic parlor guitar, including your choice of wood and inlays.
  • Keller Guitars

    Keller acoustic parlor guitars are hand made. When ordering your acoustic guitar you can choose from different types of wood, inlays, standard or cutaway body styles, and other guitar options. Keller offers an acoustic parlor guitar with a 10 7/8" upper bout, a 9 1/8" waist, and an 14 5/16" lower bout. A 24" inch fingerboard scale neck width is optional. Keller also offers Jumbo and other size acoustic guitars for custom order.
  • Kim Griffin

    Kim Griffin builds guitars in four basic body styles, each available with two standard wood options. The Model "A" acoustic guitar is also considered a "Parlor Guitar". Jim Cole refers to it as the "songwriters' acoustic guitar". Thes parlor guitars are sized conveniently with a large voice.
  • Karol Guitars

    Karol gurrently offers Baritone, Concert, Parlor, Classical, O, OO Grand Concert, OM (orchestral model), traditional Jumbo, and other designed acoustic guitars. His Parlor is based upon a no-name acoustic guitar he once found in a local shop, which he used as the basis for his own version of an acoustic parlor guitar model. These guitars offer a shorter scale length and the neck meets the body at the 12th fret.

  • Lichty Guitars

    Luthier Jay Lichty builds handmade acoustic guitars and ukuleles in his shop in Tryon, NC. Each guitar is a one-of-a-kind instrument, custom built to your specifications. Jay builds acoustic Dreadnoughts, OM's, Parlor Guitars, and Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles. When placing an order Jay will discuss everything from tonewood, to bindings, to resette, etc. Woods used for the building of a Lichty Acoustic Guitar include Brazilian Rosewood, Ancient Kauri, Chechen, Sycamore, European Beech, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Claro Walnut, Koa, Pau Ferro and more.