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Banjo Parts

  • American Made Banjo

    American Made Banjo carries many banjo parts, including heads, tone rings, rims, bridges, armrests, hook nuts, hooks, coordinator rods, vintage style brass hoops, hardware kits and pot assemblies, flanges, resonator angles, sidewall lugs, tailpiece brackets, tailpieces and thumbscrews.

  • Bill Camp Banjos

    Bill Camp carries a multitude of banjo parts, including hooks, mutes, Oettinger screws, resonator screws, tone rings, arm rest, Weymann covers, necks, banjo head keys, resonators, buttons, metal hoops, banjo head necks, mother of pearl inlay, and Vega flanges.

  • Elderly Instruments

    Elderly Instruments offers a variety of banjo parts, including bridges, heads, tailpieces, tuning pegs, nut wrenches, bracket hooks, armrests, tuners, plastic and calf skin heads, banjo bracket shoe sets for 1/2" rims, unpolished dowel stick neck braces, and much more.

  • First Quality Music

    First Quality music banjo parts such as armrests, neck blanks (stage 1) , banjo neck blanks (stage 4), bridges, co-ordinator rods and components, fingerboards, flanges, fret wire, heads, heel cap material, hooks and nuts, inlay material, nut material, pattern booklets, pearl and abalone shapes, peghead material, peghead templates, resonator hardware, resonators, tailpieces and hardware, tension hoops, tone rings, top tension parts, truss rod covers and screws, truss rods, tuning buttons, tuning machines, and wood rims.
  • Great Music Products

    Great Music Products offers an array of banjo parts, including armrests, banjo heads, tail pieces, mutes, flanges, bracket shoes, tension hoops, resonators, and tuners.

  • carries a variety of banjo parts, including but not limited to tuners, armrests, co-ordinator rods, tail pieces, hooks and nuts, flanges, resonators, banjo tuners, tone enhancers, bridges, adjusting tools, top tension hoops, screws and mutes.
  • Instrument Alley

    Instrument Alley carries banjo parts such as armrests, flanges, necks, bridges, heads, paddles and tuners.
  • Janet Davis Music

    Janet Davis Music carries a variety of banjo parts, such as armrests, bridges, tone rings, pot assemblies, fingerboards and overlays, flanges, heads, tuning pegs and buttons, resonators, rims, string nuts, hardware, tailpieces, tension hoops, necks, truss rods and covers, and Gold Tone banjo parts.
  • Angie's Banjo

    Angie's Banjo carries pre-war replica parts from Recording King, such as tension hoops, plated arm rests, presto style tailpieces, truss rods, 24-bracket hook/hex nuts, dual coordinator rod sets, and 1-piece plated flanges.
  • Stewart MacDonald

    Stewart-MacDonald carries a large selection of parts and components for open-back and resonator banjo styles. Whether Mastertone or old time banjo, you'll find all the parts for your project here.
  • offers a variety of banjo parts, such as armrests, heads, nuts, resonators, strings, tone rings, bridges, necks, pots, rims, tailpieces, and tuning pegs.
  • Huber Banjo

    Huber supplies banjo parts such as heads, straps and bridges. They even have a banjo set-up video for easy step by step direction.
  • Hatfield Banjos

    Hatfield Banjos offers tone rings, pot assemblies, tuners, cheat-a-keys, flanges, bridges, strings and custom handmade necks. Used parts are sometimes available.
  • Cumberland Acoustic

    Cumberland Acoustic offers parts like arm rests, truss rods, peg winders and bridges for your banjo.
  • Fults Banjo Tailpiece

    Fults Tooling specializes in banjo tailpiece models. These newly developed tailpieces are all handcrafted and designed to be interchangeable with each other. They are easily installed and adjustable - no need to remove the resonator.
  • Gill Manufacturing

    Gill Mfg. is dedicated to bringing you high quality wood banjo parts for a reasonable price. They can also fit your neck, resonator, or rim specifically to your hardware.
  • Tony Pass Banjo Rims

    Tony Pass is the maker of the Lost Timbre block wood banjo rims now standard on all new Stelling banjos.They are constructed one at a time and will improve the sound of any modern banjo. Every rim is fully warranted to the original purchaser.
  • Cox Banjo

    Cox is an international supplier of parts to many premiere banjo manufacturers and musicians. Banjo parts available include resonators, rims, tone rings, coordinator rods (sets), tailpieces, flanges and tension hoops, brass and steel hooks, hex nuts, armrests, resonator thumb screws, long and short L-brackets, tailpiece brackets and neck rods.
  • Beacon Banjo Company

    Beacon Banjo Company, makers of Keith Banjo Tuners, offers a variety of parts including tuners, thumbscrews, tuning pegs and springs.
  • Gary Price Tailpieces

    Gary Price Tailpieces designed the SL-5 Banjo Tailpiece in December 1981. It is now considered one of the finest banjo tailpieces made. The string spacing across the front is the same as the string notch spacing in the standard bridge saddle, resulting in greatly improved stability and tunability.
  • Remo Banjo Heads

    Remo offers a variety of banjo heads which are available in 6 finishes and 3 collar heights.
  • offers calf skin banjo heads.

  • carries a variety of banjo heads.