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Custom Electric Guitars

  • Abstract Guitars

    Abstract guitars makes handcrafted solid body custom electric guitars available in a wide variety of models, including the Rockingbird, Gladiator, Fang, Mysterion, DMV, Razor, Teardrop and Magick. Each electric guitar model is available with custom headstock shape, inlay, any type of bridge or fingerboard, as well as custom body shapes.

  • U.S. Masters Guitar Works

    U.S. Masters designs and builds custom electric guitars featuring a patented new way to join the neck and body that actually improves tone, timbre, attack, dynamic response and structural integrity. Electric guitar models include the Sportster, LeGrand, Super T, Vector, Avada and Hornet. Each model is availble in a variety of woods and finishes.

  • Acacia Custom Guitars

    Acacia Custom Guitars is a manufacturer of American made custom electric guitars. Guitars are available in a variety of styles including 6 and 7 string, with pick up options such as bareknuckle and EMG pickups. Guitar bodies are available in a variety of exotic and highly figured wood. Custom bass guitars are also offered.

  • Benavente Guitars

    Benavente Guitars offers handmade custom solid body electric guitars in two models; the 2K electric guitar features 3-piece maple neck constuction, dual action truss rod with graphite support bars, rosewood or ebony fretboard, and a chambered mahogany body. The Inlaid Top electric guitar offers a rosewood fretboard and a black limba body.

  • Bolin Guitars, LLC

    Bolin Guitars has been hand crafting electric guitars since 1978. The Bolin Classic model features custom designed Seymour Duncan pickups, ebony pickguard, ebony tuners and ebony knobs. Bolin is well known for their Custom Series, made popular by artists including ZZ Top, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Steve Miller, and Lou Reed.

  • Gander Guitars

    Gander specializes in exotic wood custom electric guitars. Master luthier Ray Gander's patented construction process features a large dimension internal carbon fiber reinforcement beam for excellent durability. Electric guitar models include the Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Aries. Each electric guitar model features an ebony fretboard inlaid with bloodwood and abalone, alder body wood to produce "warmer" tones, gold plated Grover mini tuning pegs, Seymour Duncan pickups, gold plated Schaller bridge, and stainless steel and gold plated tremolo.
  • Artinger Guitars

    Artinger Guitars offers an increasingly expanded selection of custom electric models, from chambered solidbodies and semi-hollows, to full hollowbodied electrics. All instruments are designed and tailored to customer specs and tastes. The solidbody models feature a mahogany core, carbon fiber reinforced mahogany neck, choice of scale, Seymour Duncan pickups, and choice of either a mahogany, European spruce or figured maple top. The semi-hollows feature a mahogany core, carbon fiber reinforced mahogany neck, choice of scale, Seymour Duncan pickups, choice of soundhole style, and choice of either a mahogany, European spruce or figured maple top. The hollowbodies feature a 15" lower bout, carbon fiber reinforced mahogany neck, hand-bent mahogany ribs, hand carved mahogany back, choice of scale, choice of soundhole style, and choice of either a mahogany, European spruce or figured maple top. Available in one or two pickup configurations.
  • Benedict Guitar Company

    The Benedict Guitar Company makes handmade custom electric guitars in a variety of styles. Solid body models include the Benelectro, Slavemaster and Bluesmaster, as well as completely custom models. Body woods include walnut, mahogany, alder, spruce and maple. Each model is available with a choice of Seymour Dunchan P-90's, Seymour Duncan humbuckers or Jeff Beck Junior pickups. Custom guitars are built completely to customer specifications from hardware selection and finish color to body shape and neck design.

  • Abyss Guitars (Kevin Pederson)

    Abyss Guitars are 100% hand made and are offered in a vaieity of shapes and styles. Abyss's standard custom electric guitar model features a mahogany body, maple top, chrome Gotoh tuners, and a variety of finish colors to choose from. Abyss also offers custom electric guitars. This gives customers the ability to customize the scale lengths, fret size, number of frets, pickup choices and even the number of strings on their electric guitar . Other electric guitar options include custom inlays and wood choices. 
  • Aria Guitars

    Aria Guitars has been offering custom handmade guitars for over 30 years. Electric guitar models are available in 4 different series including the PE Series, MAC Series, Metal Series, and CS Seires. All electric guitar models are available with a variety of options including custom wood choices, inlays, finish colors and pickup options.

  • ASPE Guitars

    ASPE Guitars offers custom handmade electric and bass guitars. Electric guitar models include the ASPE Basic guitar and the ASPE Royal Guitar. ASPE's are designed for great balance while playing both standing and sitting down. The ASPE Basic electric guitar is available with rosewood or ebony fingerboard, transparent or non-transparent finish, mother of pear or abalone position dots, and various neck shapes.

  • Widman Custom Electrics

    Widman hand makes solid body electric guitars using the finest custom components and select tonewoods. Standard features include bone nuts, quarter sawn maple and mahogany necks, vintage tints, compound radius fingerboards, hand carved body contours, and nitrocellulose finishes. Components include Lindy Fralin pickups, Callaham guitar parts, Schaller or Gotoh tuners, and Hipshot bridges.
  • Briggs Guitars

    Briggs guitars offers custom electric models available with custom pickup configurations, bridge choices, hardware finish, neck profile and finish colors in hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer. Models include the Avatar and Saturn. Both models are available in Deluxe editions with premium wood and hardware.
  • Carvin Corporation

    Carvin's Custom Guitar Shop makes over 20 different custom electric guitar models with options including birdseye maple fingerboards, rosewood fingerboards and stainless steel frets in standard and jumbo sizes. Each model is available with a choice of woods including maple, alder, mahogany, ash, walnut and koa, as well as customizable fretboard sizes and a wide selection of pickups.

  • The Guitar Factory

    The Guitar Factory features 4, 5, and 6 string basses custom designed to the individual's needs, as well as a line of the finest sounding acoustic guitars. Only top-shelf electronics such as EMG, Bartolini, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, and Fishman pickups, along with the highest quality hardware available are selected to match the requirements of the artist when creating their custom electric guitar .
  • Sadowsky Guitars

    The Sadowsky Electric Guitar is available in an undersized strat, full-size Vintage Strat or Tele-shaped body. Pickup configurations include three singles, single/single/humbucker and humbucker/single/humbucker. State-of-the-art hum cancelling technology and electrostatic shielding methods are used in all guitars. All pickups are custom made to specification.
  • Rowan Guitars

    Michael Rowan custom guitars uses pattern grade mahogany as the wood choice for the bodies and necks of their electric instruments due to its excellent stability and smooth, rich tonal qualities. Quilted and Flame maples make a beautiful statement as the woods of choice for the top caps on many models. Starting at the headstock and working down you will discover precision Gotoh tuning machines; Rowan, Amalfitano, DiMarzio and Fishman pickups; and Gotoh, Tone Pros and Hipshot bridges. Solid brass knobs turn smooth operating CGE volume and tone pots.
  • Kinal Guitars

    Kinal MT handmade solid body guitars offers custom options, including figured wood, inlaid input jack plates, and wooden inlaid pickup rings. Hardwoods such as cocobolo give the Kinal solid body electric guitar more sustain and richer sound. Body tonewoods available include selected alder, korina, swamp ash and mahogany. Top woods include highly figured AAA maple. Bartolini, Seymour Duncan and Lindy Fralin pickups are used.

  • Oktober Guitars

    Oktober's line of electric guitars are hand-crafted at their Savage Mill location. Full attention is given to each guitar being made, ensuring that tone, playability and looks are 100%. Each model has been designed blending specific tonewoods and pickups that compliment one another. Oktober USA uses their specifically wound October brand pickups on all USA and Custom Shop instruments.

  • Conklin Guitars

    Conklin makes custom electric guitars available in 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 string models. Each electric guitar can be completely custom made with options including body construction (bolt on neck, or neck-through styles), custom body styles, number of frets (24, 28 or 36). and custom scale length. Also offers a variety of body woods including alder, basswood, butternut, cherry, dragonwood, koa, mahogany, maple, walnut and Swamp ash. 
  • NS Custom

    Trained as a master joiner, Neil Shoemark has combined knowledge and craftsmanship skills together with a passion for the electric guitar to produce one of the finest ranges of custom solid guitar bodies available in the UK today. He scours the country for rare selections of timber, ensuring your electric guitar is built from the very best of woods that have been dried slowly in their natural environment for upwards of 15 years.

  • Brian Moore Guitars

    Brian Moore Guitars was founded in 1992. As a manufacturer of custom electric guitars they use only the highest figured maple tops and the finest components, such as Seymour Duncan pickups, Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson vibratos, and RMC piezo/synth systems. They are handcrafted in LaGrange, NY.
  • Chapin Guitars

    Chapin Guitars are handcrafted using only the finest materials. Custom electric guitar designs are carefully thought out providing ergonomic comfort, incredible playability, and a wide palette of tones. At no time is ease of use sacrificed for tonal variety. Mother of pearl dots with abalone and gold shell shades at the twelfth fret are standard unless noted. 
  • Chafin Guitars

    Chafin Guitars offers 4 custom electric guitar models; Targa, Ember, St. Croix and Xalta. Custom options include body wood choices such as rosewood, Korina mahogany and cedar, custom wound Bartolini pickups, custom inlays and a variety of paint and finish options.
  • Grosh Guitars

    Grosh Guitars makes 100% hand made electric guitars featuring Alder body wood, Maple neck, exclusive Dan Grosh truss rods, and custom finishing and bridges. Their electric guitar models include the Retro Classic, Vintage T, Bent Top Custom and Flat Top Custom.