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Custom Guitar & Stringed Instrument Cases

  • Rock Hard Cases

    Rock Hard Cases offer four different types of guitar cases. One is a Form-Fitting Electric Guitar Case, a Form-Fitting Acoustic Guitar Case, Acoustic Guitar Case-In-Case Design, and Acoustic Guitar Case with Extra Storage Compartments.
  • Maxline Music Cases

    Maxline Music Cases offer cases for several instruments including, guitars, basses, percussion, keyboard, rack, amp, mixer, equipment, custom, and miscellaneous cases.
  • I-Beam Custom Guitar Cases

    I-Beam Custom Guitar Cases offers completely custom guitar cases. They are U.S.A delivered only, they only need a simple tracing to construct your guitar case, any custom guitar case up to 55" long is $250.00.
  • Diversified Case

    Diversified Case offers musical and industrial cases. This product line offers the protection of a high end, much more expensive case, but weighs only a fraction and costs about half. To order a case you must contact them and put in your order.
  • Infinitee Design

    Infinitee Design offers custom designs on guitar cases that you can send in and tell them what type of design you want on on your guitar case. They paint several other types of things besides guitar cases.
  • Lone Wolf Guitars Custom Cases

    Lone Wolf Custom Guitar Cases offer three different types of guitar cases which are the Calton Flight Cases, Ameritage Cases, and Cedar Greek Cases.
  • PPP Cases

    PPP Cases offer completly custom cases. They offer custom road cases, stock cases, carpeted style cases, and plastic cases. They also offer other thigns like soft bags, DJ accesories, and much more.
  • Barry Cases

    Barry Cases offer guitar and other instrument cases that are "Built like a tank." Barry Cases manufactures heavy-duty protective airline-approved ATA shipping cases for most musical instruments, including guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, mixers, speaker cabinets, drums, band and orchestra instruments, and specialized rackmount designs for all standard EIA rack equipment.
  • Colorado Case Company

    Colorado Case offers cases for 19 different types of instruments which includes guitars. And for guitars they have one of the widest selections of guitar cases. They offer 57 different types of guitar cases that you can buy from them.
  • Classic Guitars International

    Classic Guitars International offers the Karura Cases "The Worlds Strongest light-weight guitar cases. They were tested to withstand over one ton and only weigh 4.5 Kg's. They offer finishes in black, white, or carbon fiber. They are also water resistant.
  • Caldersmith Guitars

    Caldersmith Guitars offer custom made cases made by Chris Dacre. Chris can make cases to order for octave guitars, treble, standard, and classical bass. He has also made custom cases for violins and violas. Prices range $350 to $1000.

    Case Extreme offers 3 different types of guitar cases and also offer custom boxes. They offer the acoustic, jumbo, and the bass cases. Each group has a couple different models of cases in it.
  • Anvil Cases

    Anvil Cases offers one main guitar case that is ATA-Approved Guitar Flight Case. It has thick foam padding with rich red "Poodle" liner, dual padlocking, industrial strength design, and many other features.
  • Calton Cases

    Calton cases offer cases for several different types of instruments including acoustic guitars and electric guitars. They offer five different types of acoustic cases and two different types electric cases.
  • Kingham Custom Made Cases

    Kingham Custom Made Cases offer cases for every instruent. They offer several different types finishes for each case and is completly custom. You e-mail them or call them and give them the exact specifications for your own case.
  • Showcase Custom Cases

    Protect your valuable cargo in the finest case in the industry, one built by Showcase Custom Cases of Nashville. Offers cases to fit everything from Guitars, Basses, Banjos, Violas and Mandolins to Cellos. Light weight for flying to heavy duty "road" cases.
  • Calder Cases

    Calder builds fine carbon fiber shell cases for violins, classical guitars, electric guitars and laptops. These cases feature leather exteriors, silk velvet linings, and a suspension system with maximum shock and impact protection. Violin cases come with a violin bow holder made of soft calf-skin.