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Helpful Guitar Pickup Info

  • Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews

    Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews offers a site where customers have a say about the pickups they sell. This site encourages users to rate any of the guitar pickups they have owned/used based on how they liked the pickup. This provides user feedback so you know whether or not the item you are buying is worth the money.
  • Acoustic Guitar Pickups

    This site basically talks all about guitar pickups, what you want to consider when selecting a pickup system, and some personal experiences with certain guitar pickups. This is a really insightful passage and could be very helpful to those of you who are not very pickup savvy.
  • Acoustic Pickup Reviews

    Harmony Central's Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews section offers customer reviews of dozens of pickup models listed alphabetically.
  • Effects of Guitar Pickup Mixing

    This site provides detailed information on the effects of pickup selection and techniques on mixing pickups for certain sounds.
  • Effects of Guitar Pickup Position and Width

    This is an article on pickup positioning for acoustic guitar players. The article provides detailed diagrams explaining the effects of various pickup arrangements.
  • Electric Guitar Pickups

    This site provides helpful information on understanding the way pickups work and the uses of various pickups as well as how to combine them. The site also provides a list of useful links to other guitar pickup reviews and information.
  • Electric Guitar Pickup Reviews

    Harmony Central's Electric Guitar Reviews section covers dozens of brands of electric guitar pickups listed alphabetically by company name.
  • How Do Guitar Pickups Work?

    This article explains the science behind guitar pickups as well as information on 5-way pickup switching, and detailed information on how humbuckers work.
  • How Electric Guitars Work

    This article from provides a great resource to guitarists seeking information about how electric guitars work. The article covers how electric guitar pickups work as well as information on electric guitar history, amps and distortion.
  • How To Make A Humbucking Pickup

    This informative article from covers subjects like how magnetic pickups work, the difference between humbucking pickups and single-coil pickups, and split humbuckers.
  • The Secrets of Electric Guitar Pickups

    This detailed article from German guitar electronics expert Helmuth Lemme provides detailed explanations of the workings of electric guitar pickups, how resonance affects sound as well as tutorials on how to alter pickups.
  • Vintage Fender Guitar Pickup Spec Info

    This article features helpful information relating to vintage guitar pickups including detailed specification sheets about vintage Fender pickups, as well as information about the unique manufacturing process of these pickups which made their sound so desirable.