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Guitar Picks

  • Dunlop Picks

    Dunlop offers a selection of over 50 types of picks including plastic, tortoise, nylon jazz, custom print, metal thumb picks & finger picks. A variety of sizes, thicknesses & materials is available.
  • DR Guitar Picks

    DR Guitar Picks are metal guitar picks designed for the professional guitarist. Materials include stainless steel, bronze, brass & copper. They are engineered and manufactured to a very precise specification, creating a precision tool for your playing.
  • Picks and Stones

    Stone Tone Picks are gentle on your strings and have a smoother attack and crisper tone than any nylon or plastic pick. They are are crafted from primarily Brasilian and Montana Agates, with a few more limited stones featured in our rare picks page. We offer a wide variety of shapes: choose from the familiar Traditional, Teardrop, Jazz or Tripoint shapes; or try our combo picks: picks whose asymetrical designs combine three different striking surfaces in one convenient pick. We also specialize in grip picks: stone picks with specially designed grooves to enhance your grip. Don't see the pick that's just right for you? We are happy to design and build a custom pick to fit your specific needs.
  • Big Rock Engineering

    The F-1 Ergonomic Guitar Pick loosens your grip, but hugs your finger, enabling you to relax your hand, arm and neck which reduces fatigue and repetitive stress injury. Your control, speed and accuracy will be improved and you will have a more fluid playing style. The new Anodized Aluminum X-1 Ergonomic Guitar Pick Grip Air has cushioned comfort to increase your control, speed and accuracy.
  • The Pick Factory

    Pick Factory Guitar Picks come in personalized, custom printed with a color range of eight colors and 5 gauges (0.50, 0.70, 0.88, 1.00 and 1.25mm). The Standard Guitar Pick has raised text and logo which gives you a better grip.
  • Alaska Pik

    The Alaska Pik finger pik fits over the finger and under the nail on your finger or thumb making it a unique pick. Whether it's classical, harps, flamenco, guitars or banjos, this pick works perfectly. It is available in either brass or plastic and sizes from small to large.
  • Perfect Touch Finger Picks

    Manufacturer of a variety of fingerpicks. Pick styles include flat, round & brass. Picks are offered in sets of 2 for $29.99. Company also offers autoharp upgrades & services. Lessons are also offered.
  • CrossPick Guitar Picks

    CrossPicks allows you to play more relaxed than flat picks. The horizontal Cross Branch keeps the pick from slipping while it provides a fulcrum for speed picking. The vertical Cross Branch keeps the pick from slipping and provides stability.  Unlike traditional guitar picks, the horizontal branch on the Cross Pick allows you to gently rest your index finger under the branch allowing light movement without gripping the pick tightly.
  • Wegen Picks

    Wegen's guitar picks can offer you the service of making any tip on any Wegenpick at the thickness you desire. The Gypsyjazzpick sounds very close to tortoise , but lasts much longer. This is designed more for the gypsy jazz player. The Fatone is big, gives your guitar a bright tone and its very loud. The GP 250 has the same dimensions and grip as the Gypsyjazzpick, but comes in a lighter gauge of 2.5 mm. Lighter weight, but the same great sound. Other models include Bluegrass, Big City, Twins & Trimus.
  • Surf Pick

    The Surf Pick is made of Lignum Vitae wood which is very dense. A thin sliver can withstand constant banging against steel.This pick is good for both strumming & picking.
  • Intune Guitar Picks

    Intune Guitar Picks specializes in custom printed guitar picks. Products include the Delrin Picks with a matte finish for superior grip. Available in Tri-Tips as well and the Premium Celluloid Picks which are available in many colors and thickness.
  • Acri picks

    The Acri Pick product line includes medium size finger picks, thumb picks and the new medium finger pick which comes in brass with cupped (dished) blade. The overall size is reduced by 10%.
  • Hot Picks USA

    Hot Picks come in a variety of collectible displays including Pirates of the Carribean, Rock 'N Roll, Mickey Mouse, Back Stage & others.
  • Sharktooth Guitar Picks

    SharkTooth Picks are designed to aid injured guitarists using a soft-rubber sleeve with a slot in which can be placed your favorite pick.
  • Pick World

    Pick World Picks come in Celluloid which is the preffered material for picks, and most closely resembles the feel and sound of real tortoise shell. Delrin® which is a modern plastic and has a very woody but warm sound. PVC, which is an inexpensive material and it sounds it. Picks are easily worn out with moderate playing. Great for promotional picks, but most professional players tend to shy away from these.
  • Steve Clayton

    Clayton guitar pick styles include acetal, ultem gold, playboy, delrin, black raven, spike, grip picks, graphite series & frostbyte.
  • Legend Picks

    Legend Picks creates custom imprinted guitar picks. Using quality celluloid (old Gibson/ Fender style) material and utilizing a printing process which provides superior and durable "raised print" yields well defined detail.
  • Dandrea Picks

    Dandrea Picks creates a variety of picks including specialty, celluloid, thermoplastic resin & nylon & delrin.

  • Guthrie Thomas Company

    The Guthrie Thomas Company makes custom made personalized guitar picks. Types include picture, die-stamp, special shape die-stamp, giant sized, wedding/occasion & hand engraved gold or silver.
  • D & D Guitar Picks

    D&D Guitar Picks manufacturers a variety of picks including celcon & nylon in a variety of colors & sizes. Custom logo picks are also available.
  • Sterling Guitar Picks

    .025 inch thick custom engraved picks come in sterling silver, 14k gold, and sterling silver necklaces.
  • Ebe Universal

    Novelty guitar picks featuring an alien face in a variety of schemes such as Area 51, Retro, Halloween, and Roswell.
  • Gibson's Maestro Guitar Picks

    Gibson's Premium Medium Celluloid guitar picks embody the gold standard for picks. With medium thickness, celluloid compisition, and standard shape these picks are what players look for when it's time to pick up new picks.
  • Meteroite Guitar Picks

    Meteorite guitar picks are guitar picks quite literally made from meteorites. Custom engraving is offered.
  • Eddie Van Halen Guitar Picks

    Eddie Van Halen's tour picks from his personal stash. Limited run picks in a variety of design styles.