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Mandolin Parts

  • Elderly Instruments

    Elderly instruments carries mandolin parts, including bridges, tuners, pickguards and armrests. They carry many brand names like Weber, Allen, James, Michael Kelly, and many more.
  • Janet Davis Music

    Janet Davis Music carries mandolin parts such as bridges, harmonic suppressors, pick guards, armrests, string nuts, tailpieces, the Tone Gard, 2-Way truss rods, truss rod covers, tuning machines, pegwinders, and the Weber Wood Nymph harmonic suppressor.

  • The Mandolin Store

    The Mandolin Store stocks many mandolin parts, including tailpieces, pickguards, bridges and tuning machines.
  • Siminoff Mandolin Parts

    Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin offers an extensive list of mandolin parts, including truss rods, scroll strengtheners, peghead veneers, peghead shaping, heel shaping, dowel sticks, neck lag screws, dovetail joints, V-joints, fretboards, inlay filler mixes, fretwire, fretboard extenders, and many other items for your mandolin.
  • Saga, The Source

    Saga carries tuners, nut blanks, pickguards, tailpieces and bridges for mandolins.

  • WD Music

    WD Music offers many bridges and tailpieces for mandolins, available in gold and chrome versions.
  • The Music Motel

    The Music Motel has many types of tailpieces for mandolins, available in many metal variations.
  • carries Golden Gate tailpieces, available in nickel or stainless steel.
  • Greg Boyd House of Fine Music

    Greg Boyd's House of Fine Intruments carries one of the largest inventories of fine mandolin parts and hardware. Over 40 items listed and available for online line ordering.
  • Stewart MacDonald

    Stewart-MacDonald is the source for mandolin builders, offering Curly maple carved tops and equally fine back, neck, and side woods. They also carry F5 and A5 Mandolin Kits. You can learn "How to Build a Carved-Top Mandolin" from the video by Don MacRostie (builder of renowned Red Diamond Mandolins).
  • Great Music Products

    Great Music Products carries Golden Gate mandolin tuners and tailpieces.
  • Chris B's Music

    Chris B's Music carries Golden Gate mandolin tuners and tailpieces, available in gold, nickel and black.
  • Allen Guitar & Luthier Supplies

    Manufacturer of high quality cast tailpieces for mandolins and guitars.