Your guide through the mountains of online stringed instrument information

Mandolas/Mandocello/Octave Mandolins

  • Weber

    Weber offers quite a variety of mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, archtop and resonator guitar models. The top of the line Weber Fern mandola comes in F-style, A-style or Flat-style, as does the Fern octave mandolin and mandocello. Each style of instrument comes in several models.

  • Davy Stuart

    The Davy Stuart instrument line-up includes guitar, mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, bouzouki, and bodhran models. Davy's mandola is built using "lattice bracing" to give a more "mandolin-like" tone. He also builds two different models of octave mandolin. The Davy Stuart mandocello offers a full, deep, resonant sound with its large body.

  • Fletcher Brock

    The Fletcher Block family of instruments includes mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, cittern and bouzouki models. Fletcher Block offers their H5 Mandola, their Octave Mandolin and their Selmer Style Octave Mandolin, and their Mandocello with a guitar body shape.

  • Dart Mandolins

    The Dart mandolin family of instruments consists of mandolin, mandola, mandocello and octave mandolin models. The Dart octave mandolin uses the same body as their mandocello but has a shorter neck and a 22" string length.

  • Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz offers "The Mandocello", a 24 3/4" scale length acoustic guitar with four paired strings, tuned to C-D-G-A. The strings are comfortably spaced by a 1 1/2" nut. The Santa Cruz F Model body is used for the standard mandocello, although other body styles are optional.

  • Ratliff Mandolins

    Ratliff Mandolins builds several different instruments. Their main series of instruments includes the RM-5 Mandola and the RMC-5 Mandocello. Spruce tops and curly maple backs, necks and rims are standard. Ratliff also offers a full line of mandolins.
  • A. Lawrence Smart

    A. Lawrence Smart offers several different mandolins, a custom octave mandolin, and a classic mandocello. These instruments are built for professionals and dedicated amateurs alike.
  • Eastman

    The Eastman MDC805 Mandocello features a highly flamed maple back and sides, spirit varnish finish, gold-plated hardware, 3-ply binding on the headstock and body, as well as side binding.

  • Yanuziello

    Yanuziello offers electric mandolin family instruments. The Yanuziello electric mandolin, mandola, and mandocello are designed for the player who needs volume on stage without feedback. Yanuziello instruments all feature hollow bodies and custom Lindy Fralin pickups. The eight string set up gives these instruments an acoustic sound.
  • Bacorn Custom Guitars & Mandolins

    The Bacorn mandocello is a reproduction of the Lloyd Loar K-5 mandocello. It features a spruce top with parallel bracing ("X" bracing is optional), Curly maple sides/back/neck, a Fishman pickup (optional), a 25" scale, and a 16" early L-5 guitar body style. 
  • Zimnicki Guitars

    Zimnicki Guitars offers a wide variety of string instruments, including a mandocello with a spruce soundboard, mahogany back/sides, a walnut neck and Schaller tuning machines. Aside from the mandocello, Zimnicki also builds a cavaquinho and an oud/classical guitar.

  • Corrado Giacomel

    Corrado Giacomel offers mandolin and mandola acoustic stringed instruments. His mandola is available in either the J5 or J3 model, using high figured maple and Italian spruce, wood bindings, wood tailpieces and a handmade fingerrest. All instruments are finished with varnish.
  • Peter Coombe

    The Peter Coombe mandola is an A-shape, oval soundhole mandola with a 15.8" scale length. It is available with either a spruce top or a King Billy pine top. Back/sides are typically built from Tasmanian myrtle or Tasmanian blackwood. The necks are reinforced with carbon fiber.
  • Paul Shippey

    Paul Shippey offers a tenor mandola tuned to CGDA, built with a European or Sitka spruce top, and maple or English sycamore back/sides. Paul also builds an octave mandolin with a European spruce top and Indian rosewood back/sides. This octave mandolin has a scale length of 580 mm and is usually tuned GDAE (one octave below the mandolin).

  • Mandolier

    Mandolier builds eight and four string electric mandola stringed instruments. Both the Artesian and the Norak electric mandola models come with solid bodies. There are video clips available on this website for each model available.
  • Trillium Octave Mandolins

    Trillium Octave Mandolins builds three different models: a 4-course octave mandolin, a 4-course Irish bouzouki, and a 5-course cittern. Each octave mandolin model features an arched top and back design. Wood choices include figured maple, walnut, mahogany, laurel and cherry. All of Trilluim's instruments have a 2-way adjustable truss.
  • Davidson Instrument

    Phil Davidson has been in the business for over twenty-five years, beginning with banjos and diversifying to mandolins and guitars. Phil's octave mandola was designed to fill the gap between the mandola and the mandocello, and is tuned an octave lower than a standard mandolin (basically the same as an octave mandolin).
  • PW Crump

    P.W. Crump builds a wide variety of acoustic stringed instruments, including octave mandolin, mandola and Irish bouzouki models. They also build mandolins, citterns, acoustic guitars and hybrid instruments.

  • Pomeroy Instruments

    Don Paine, of Pomeroy Instruments, builds an A-style, oval soundhole mandola with a deep, warm tone. Don also offers serveral models of mandolin.

  • David Hynes Mandolin Luthier

    David Hynes can build you a mandolin, an Irish bouzouki, a mandola, or a mandriola. You can order one as shown, or you can order one to your own specifications with some choice of woods, fittings and decoration.