Your guide through the mountains of online stringed instrument information


  • Harp Doctor Autoharp Sales

    Harp Doctor Autoharp Sales offers seven different autoharp models that they manufacture, including vintage 21 chord, new 21 chord, diatonic, new 15 chord, vintage 12 and 15 chord, specialty harps, and custom made autoharps.

  • Janet Davis

    Janet Davis Music is a dealer of Oscar Schmidt autoharps in a variety of models, including the OS150FCE (the first autoharp designed to be played electrically), and the best selling OS45CE (appalachian with pickup and fine tuning system).

  • Oscar Schmidt

    Oscar Schmidt is a manufacturer of autoharps offering over 10 models to choose from.

  • Blue Ridge Autoharps

    Blue Ridge Autoharps are all handcrafted and use select spruce and hand-picked hardwoods. Each instrument can be customized with select woods, set-ups, and chord arrangements. Custom string sets are available. Chord bar sets and accessories are available. Blue Ridge also offers Oscar Schmidt autoharps.

  • Oscar Schmidt

    Oscar Schmidt, by Washburn, offers a variety of autoharp models to choose from. Available types include 15 chord, 21 chord, fine tuning autoharps and electric pickup models. Cases, strings and other autoharp accessories are also available.
  • Evoharp

    Evoharp autoharps are custom built in the USA, are easy to hold and play, have a smaller size like the original A-model harps, come with a solid spruce top, laminated frame and walnut back, and offer maple chord bars.

  • Orthey Autoharp

    Orthey Autoharps (also called "Dulci-Harps") are made of fine wood and use a laminated maple pin block. Customizations are available with select woods, different body types, chromatic or diatonic tuning, and chord bar selection. Chord bars are individually fitted to each instrument.

  • West Music

    West Music is a dealer of autoharps, including the Oscar Schmidt OS15B 15 chord Berkshire autoharp with bag, the Oscar Schmidt OS21C 21 chord classic autoharp with bag, and the West Music Autoharp Package which includes a 21 chord Oscar Schmidt autoharp, a sturdy custom-fit case, and an instructional DVD by John Sebastian of the Lovin’ Spoonful.

  • Music123

    Music 123 is a stringed instrument dealer offering the Oscar Schmidt OS15B Autoharp 15-chord autoharp played in 7 keys, and the Rhythm Band ChromaHarp Autoharp.

  • Instrument Alley

    Instrument Alley is a dealer of stringed instruments, including autoharps built by Oscar Schmidt (Washburn). They have over 16 models to choose from, as well as gig bags and other autoharp accessories.

  • Apple Mountain Music

    Apple Mountain Music are dealers of folk music instruments, including autoharps and Evoharps. Evoharp autoharps are custom built in the USA and have a smaller size like the original A-model harps.

  • Hobgoblin Music

    Hobgoblin Music is a dealer of stringed instruments, percussion and woodwinds. They offer a selection of autoharps and zithers, including the Ashbury 21 bar deluxe autoharp, and the Ashbury 21 bar electro autoharp.

  • Bryan's Music

    Bryans Music is an online dealer of stringed instruments, including Oscar Schmidt autoharps. Models offered include the Oscar Schmidt Berkshire and Classic autoharps. The Berkshire is a 15 bar model that plays in 7 keys, while the Classic is a 21 bar autoharp that plays in 11 keys.