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  • Another Era Lutherie

    Craig Pierpont offers seven different harp models, including the 36 String French Style Harp made of Makore, Cherry, and Spruce with removable legs. The Celtic style harp is available in either 32 or 36 strings. Both models have a rounded back and are strung with a moderately high tension. The Irish Style Harp has the rounded back and lower string tension typical of these early designs. The Studio Model harp has string spacing and tension similar to a concert pedal harp, making it an excellent harp for students. Lap harps are the ideal choice for people on a budget, or the beginner wanting to start small. The Bronze Strung Clarsach is a traditional wire strung harp with its bronze strings and hardwood soundboard. Custom harps are also available.

  • Blevins Harps

    Blevins Harps makes 64 harp models from lap harp to large floor harp designs, including lap, therapy and travel harps, floor and mid-sized lever harps, harps in special woods, cross-strung and double strung harp models, as well as discounted harps. Most models have sound clips available. This website features a useful guide to harp selection. Harp accessories including pickups and amps are also available.

  • Fischer Harps

    Fisher Harps makes the Eireann Celtic harp. In Ireland you'll find a small, lightweight, lighter-strung traditional Celtic harp that's widely used by the top players, especially those in the Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann tradition (pronounced coal-tis kyol-tory air-ahn). This Irish harp features the Savarez Alliance (carbon) strings. The thin, solid cedar soundboard produces a tone that is surprisingly strong, clear and bright, with rich harmonics. It is easy on the fingers to play, comfortable to hold and light to carry around.

  • Lyon & Healy

    Lyon & Healy make pedal harps such as the Salzedo Concert Grand. Created in the Art Deco style characteristic of the 1920s, the Salzedo is marked by precise linear carving and austere geometric decoration in the Hard Maple column and base. Lyon & Healy lever harp models, such as the Ogden, are also available. An ideal harp for both professional folk harpists and beginners alike, the Ogden was built with a hard maple body and a sitka spruce soundboard to give it a rich, resonant sound. Lyon & Healy gold harps, like the Louis XV Special Concert Grand, are also available. This masterpiece is superbly crafted, intricately carved and clad in lavish 23+ karat gold leaf. Lyon and Healy also makes electric/acoustic harps like the Style 2000 Concert Grand.

  • David E Field Harp Maker

    David E. Field's Celtic harps are based on traditional Irish and Scotch harp design. They are tuned diatonically but have sharping levers on the strings to allow key changes in contrast to the large concert harps with foot pedals. Available are the Treble Lap harp, the Bardic Lap Harp, the Small Celtic and the Traditional Celtic.

  • Heartland Harps

    Heartland Harps has been making handcrafted Celtic harps since 1984. The DragonHeart is the largest and top-of-the-line Irish harp. It is designed to have a very even tonal response throughout the range. At 5 octaves, the Sylvan is a full-sized Celtic (or 'lever') harp at 52" and only 21 pounds. The Serenity has a warm sound. It weighs only 7 pounds and is designed specifically for, and endorsed by, the International Harp Therapy Program. The Dreamweaver Irish harp has all the features that a beginning harpist will want. It is a floor harp, with a big beautiful sound, and a low C two octaves below middle C. The site also features some beautiful, decorative artwork available.
  • H Bryan & Co. Harpmakers

    H. Bryan & Co. builds new pedal and lever harps to the customer’s specification. Their policy of building to order permits them to design instruments with the acoustical qualities the customer needs. Custom features include handpainted soundboards based on the customer’s design, the choice of wood for the exterior of the harp, and column shape. The site also features a gallery of restored harps for sale and a useful guide to buying a harp. You can typically find a restored Lyon & Healy harp or two for sale here.


    Irish Harps, as the name implies, is a maker of high quality Irish harp instruments. The Starter Model not only has the full range from 5th octave C to an Alto A but also has a very good and strong sound. The Standard Model Celtic harp is used by professionals as well as students and senior people who just like to play for their own pleasure. The Semi Professional Irish Model has higher tension than the standard model and has a maghonoy finish. The Professional Celtic Model has gorgeous inlay work and strong forepillar and harmonic curve. The Eagle Irish Harp shows the head, body, and extended wing of the eagle carved into the harmonic curve.
  • Triplette Harps

    Triplette makes a line of fine nylon and standard nylon harps. The Eclipse 38 string comes with a reactive composite spruce soundboard. The extended forepillar enhances the beauty of this harp. There are also Celtic models in the fine nylon group. The Catalina features a soundboard made out of a durable Baltic Burch. Wire harps are also available. The Avalon 26 String wire harp is not only a work of art, it offers a huge sound. The unique curved bottom makes this harp easy to hold and increases its volume. They also build four models of wire harps, including the Irish 25, Avalon 26, Irish 30 and Luna.
  • Keith Harrison's Harps of the South

    Keith Harrison's Harps of the South offers nearly a dozen harp models to choose from. The Frodo is a 32 double strung medieval harp. The Rochelle Louise is a 34 to 43 stringed harp featuring a beautiful hand carved harp with gold trim, gloss finish, and painting soundboard. The Esther is a 34 to 39 string harp with a note range of C to F. The Xena is a 34 to 39 string harp with a note range of C to F. The Elizabeth is a 34 to 39 stringed harp featuring clean lines with a round sound box to give a smooth sound. The simple Irish shape makes it an attractive instrument. The Tara McFall is a 36 sting modern Irish harp featuring nine heavy carvings of traditional Celtic knots and horses.
  • David Kortier Harpmaker

    David Kortier makes acoustic, acoustic/electric, electric and MIDI controller harps. The Irish 34 string harp is medium sized  with features typical of modern Irish or Scottish lever harps. It features Celtic decorations. Irish harps come in student models as well. The Professional 36 string harp is the standard of the lever harp world. The Wrenfaire harp is a very compact lever harp with a narrow soundboard, but offers a deep box that gives the harp a focused and clear sound. The Kortier electric is a lightweight, very portable electric lever harp. Be sure to check out Kortier's rare and unusual MIDI harps, the MIDI 36 and the Virtual Pedal harp.
  • Folc Harp

    The Ancient Muse harp covers the same range as the mandolin or violin and can play most music written for these instruments, yet it's not much bigger than a mandolin. The Ancient Echo harp was designed around the characteristics of nylon strings, using the same principles as makers of medieval gut strung harps had to consider. The Ancient Celtic harp can be played on the lap, but it's a lapful. Sticking strictly with the ideal string lengths, the outline retains that nice Guinness beer bottle look. Be sure to check out their traditional, diatonic instruments.
  • Dahl Harps

    Stephen Dahl builds the Dahl 33, an affordable, full-tension harp with good sound. He also builds the rare medieval Norwegian Langeleik, an instrument which dates back to the 16th century. His harps are made of solid cherry. The soundboards are a birch laminate from Finland. Stephen can also build you a Celtic harp upon request.
  • Argent Fox Music

    24 string lap harps available include the phosphor bronze wire strung New Brother Maynard and Lady Cynthia, and the nylon strung Lady Annabella and Lady Gwyndolyn. 29 string lap harp models include the phosphor bronze wire strung Lord Paul and Lady Marilyn, and the nylon strung Lady Joanna and the nylon double strung Lady Kimberly harp. The Lady Elizabeth floor harp comes in 34 nylon strung and double nylon strung configurations, while the Lady Emily floor harp is a 38 nylon strung model. There are also a wide variety of cross-strung chromatic harps in phosphor bronze wire and nylon strung lap harp types. Most have removable legs.

  • Celtic Harps by Rick Stanley

    Celtic Harps by Rick Stanley are custom-crafted. Each Celtic Harp is a one-of-a-kind instrument, made with your choice of woods, painting and ornamentation. The Sarada is a light weight 36 string professional concert harp with elegant lines and the power to fill a concert hall. The Tara is a round-backed harp created with either 32, 34, or 36 strings. It comes with an original Celtic carving on the pillar and Celtic paintings on the soundboard.  The Corinne comes with four beautifully carved and sturdy hard wood feet. The Brian Boru is based on the Trinity College harp in Dublin. The basic design is over six hundred years old. This replica of the ancient Celtic harp is slightly larger than the original which allows wider string spacing and more volume and resonance. Celtic Clarsaches are also available.
  • Blessley Instruments

    The Songbird harp has a clavicle cutout, which gives the comfort of a stave backed harp with the bold sound of a flat backed harp. The Rhapsody harp can be built in a variety of hardwoods, including cherry, maple, walnut, and mahogany. The Orion harp is built of solid purpleheart wood with a black dyed, sitka spruce soundboard. The Rigel harp is a stave backed harp with 61 strings. Blessley Instruments also offers Finnish Kanteles. These are Finnish instruments that are played on your lap. Also featured on this web site is music of Celtic Muse.

  • Harps of Praise

    The Little Lindsey Baby Harp will delight any young child. The Shepherd lap harp is excellent for a young beginner and has surprising sound for its size. The Limerick lap harp has a sweet bright sound. The Celestial lap harp is tuned to E flat, so you get the advantage of the lowest E and a maximum number of keys to play in. The Gothic produces sweet, full-bodied tones, and is an ideal size for harpists between the ages of 8 and 11. The Majesty is their most popular large instrument, starting at low A and ending at high A. Also available are psalterys and harp stools.
  • Dorman Musical Instruments

    Dorman harps are built for the world of Celtic, folk and lever harps. There is a series of five Professional harp models, all of which feature a solid sitka spruce sound board with a maple veneer, staved-backed design and Dorman twin head piezo pickups. Three harp models are available for intermediate and student players, all of which feature a solid sitka spruce soundboard with a maple veneer, a full set of Loveland sharping levers, and one "T" shaped tuning key. Also available are folding travel and therapy harp designs. The therapy harp is a little larger than the lap harp. A version of the lap harp is also available as a double strung harp.
  • Josephus Harps

    The Wellspring Series is now offered in models of 29, 32, and 36 strings. The form is simple, pleasing, and affordable with a rich, clear, big sound. The Heritage Harp is about 61 inches high and has 36 strings (C2 to C7). The tension is similar to modern harps with a clear and strong sound. The 36 String Dayspring Harp series was designed for professionals and enthusiasts who need a big harp with excellent acoustic tonality and sound projection for performance and recording. The Lap Harps are designed especially for portability. There are 2 lap models, The Traveller and the Therapy Harp. 
  • Stoney End Harps

    The Eve Harp is a 22-string lap or knee harp, tuned from G to G. The lowest C is middle C on a piano. The Lorraine Harp is 48 inches high (56 inches with the legs), 23 inches deep, 13 inches wide, and weighs 15 pounds. The Sara is the same shape as the Lorraine but is tuned a note lower. The Braunwen is an Irish Low head version of the 4 octave Floor harp. The Clairseach is designed for authentic traditional Irish wire strung harp players. It has 26 closely spaced brass strings, no bridge pins and no levers. Personalized decorations, like Celtic Crosses, horse heads, roses and hawks, are available.

  • Lewis Creek Instruments & Harps

    Lewis Creek Instruments & Harps are builders of Celtic folk harps and Psalteries. The Sequoia Creek 38 Celtic folk harp offers versatility and projection unparalleled by other harps of this size. The Lewis Creek 36 Celtic folk harp features a clear, full tone with big rich bass. The Crystal Creek 34 Celtic folk harp, with the standard asymmetrical soundboard and light string tension, produces a full rich tone with projection and range. The Alder Creek 30 Celtic folk harp is easily transportable but provides enough volume and richness of bass for small and intimate performances. The Eagle Creek 23 Celtic folk harp will fit in the overhead compartment of an airliner for those travelers who will not leave a friend behind. Also available are therapy harps and cross strung models.
  • Magic Strings

    Magical Strings builds lap harps and large concert Celtic harp models. The Concert Oladion harp is a 36 string, 5 octave harp based on the same construction as their Celtic Concert Oranmore, with all the sound for half the price. The Tristy lap harp is appropriate for the individual who needs an affordable instrument.
  • Ardival Harps

    At Ardival Harps you will find a selection of Medieval, wire-strung and Bray harps. Inspired by carvings on the 8th century Pictish stones, the Rosemarkie harp is appropriate for players of both historical and traditional music. The larger Dupplin harp has a longer soundbox and an extended bass, which gives a fuller sound. The Kentigern is a large medieval gut-strung harp, with gentle curves on the arm and pillar. The Kilcoy has a two-and-a-half octave range giving enough scope to play tunes from early and traditional sources. The Rose is a substantial lap instrument, with a bright, resonant sound capable of filling a cathedral. The Kinnellan is a loud, full-voiced wire-strung clarsach, of the sort played in the Highlands and Ireland, and across Europe by the 16th century. Gothic Harps with Brays are also available.
  • Marini Made Harps

    Marini Made Harps offers well over a dozen different models ranging from a 46 string harp to a small Davidic lap style. Many varieties of woods are used in construction. Harps range from professional to student grades. Also offered are the Limerick lap harp and a Lute harp. The Marini Minstrel is lightweight for use in ministry, hospitals or nursing homes.
  • Steen Harps

    The Steen Harp Co. is operated by Stephen D. Green. Stephen builds harps for Celtic harpists, professionals, and teachers. His Concert harps include the Concert 43, a Grand Concert with three octaves above and below mid "C". His Classic Collection is made of cherry or maple wood with a natural finish. These harps have medium tension and feature a clear, warm voice, clean graceful lines and quality craftsmanship. Within the Classic Collection is the Celtic Harp made in three sizes. The Minstrel Line is made of cherry or maple wood. These harps have medium light tension, bright full tone and lots of volume. The Activity Harps are ideal for the beginner. They are light-weight and easily transported, and great for flying, vacations or lessons.