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Now That Is An Unusual Guitar

  • Rhinehart Guitars

    Rhinehart Guitars are each one-of-a-kind, hand-carved and hand-painted electric solid bodies. The bodies are relief-carved pictures in a cool folk art style and feature fish, birds, dogs, horses, bikers, drunks, mardi-gras second liners, and rockets piercing the moon. Each headstock is also carved and painted in a unique style that fits the given guitar's theme.

  • Lieber Guitars

    Luthier Thomas Lieber has been creating guitars since 1971. Guitar designs include The Garcia, an iconic guitar made famous by its legendary owner; The Gigerstein, an incredible guitar based upon the art works of H.R. Giger; The Butternut, a tribute to the Butternut tree in hopes of bringing awareness of its plight; and The LG74 American Beauty Classic.

  • Gander Guitars

    Luthier Ray Gander produces some of the most uniquely designed and most beautiful exotic wood custom guitars in the world. Ray’s incorporation of three patented construction features, including a large dimension internal carbon fiber reinforcement beam, places them among the best guitars in the world. The absolute beauty of the wood on these items is hypnotizing. Their sleek design is done in a voluptuous form.

  • McSwain Guitars

    McSwain Guitars owner, artist/luthier and musician Stephen McSwain, decided to create a new breed he likes to call "functional art." Each instrument is hand made, one at a time, and has unique characteristics that make it a highly collectible guitar or piece of art, depending on how you look at it. The website has interesting info on the guitar owners and the concept behind these impressive works of art.

  • Beyond The Trees

    Fred Carlson, co-founder of Beyond the Trees, has been evolving an acoustic guitar with sympathetic resonating strings called the Sympitar. The "standard" set-up includes 6 main strings and 12 sympathetic strings. Through working with added strings he began to get orders for custom instruments with extra strings, including strings that were to be plucked but not fretted, so-called "harp" strings like the sub-bass or super-treble strings on harp guitars. A client asked him to design and build an instrument that combined his Sympitar with the basic configuration of an old Dyer harp guitar, and the first "Harp-Sympitar" was born (named The Oracle by it's owner, it was a tribute to the great harp guitarist Michael Hedges).

  • Dramm Guitars

    Dramm Guitars, by Thomas Dramm, delevoped the Botar to be the ultimate meeting of guitar and bow. To create an electric guitar that one can successfully play with a bow, it was necessary to redesign the neck, the fingerboard, the body, the bridge, the pickups and the electronics. All other parts of the conventional electric guitar are unchanged.
  • Togaman

    The TogaMan GuitarViol is a highly developed hybrid of guitar and viola. It seriously expands a guitar player's artistic arsenal by bridging the gap between the guitar and bowed string worlds (MIDI features are also available on electric models.) Perhaps that is why the TogaMan is rapidly gaining popularity with so many of today's top Artists and Film/TV composers. "300" is one of the many movie scores where you can hear this instrument effectively used. In 2005, Guitar Player Magazine declared the TogaMan GuitarViol to be "….first rate …very compelling…".
  • Born to Rock

    The Born To Rock F4 guitar and bass features a hollow aluminum framework body that produces attack and overtones impossible to achieve on wooden guitars. Think of the difference between the dynamics of a piano (with a metal frame) and a harpsichord, and you can imagine the improvement this creates. Get the resonance of a fine acoustic with the crunch and sustain of an electric. They have many unique guitars in their showcase.
  • James Trussart Guitars

    James Trussart is one of the few builders who has broken the mold of traditional guitar making. Working with steel as the primary material, he produces guitars that are as unique in appearance as they are in tone. Trussart crafts custom steel-bodied guitars, basses and violins in a dazzling array of finishes, reminiscent of shiny chrome resonator instruments and rusty, weathered or fossilized discarded machinery. Many of the Trussart models feature patterns either engraved or literally imprinted into the metal bodies or on the pickguard. Engraved skulls, roses and tribal art are some of the more common themes, while others feature textures of alligator skin or plant materials. He literally ‘sandwiches’ the metal with the alligator skin and lets it sit in water for several days.
  • Shark Attack Guitars

    Shark Attack designs guitars made to stand out in the mundane world of guitar design. The Shark-fin design is impressive in its simple yet aggressive aesthetic appeal. The natural wood finish and shape also lend themselves to a tactile quality.

  • Gigliotti Guitars

    Gigliotti Custom Guitars has developed a unique design that you will find nowhere else. By combining special chambers with an innovative metal plate insert laminated into the guitar face they have managed to create guitars that look as good as they sound. The powder pink is very cool, but if pink isn't your color they have many other exquisitely designed guitars.
  • Simon Lee Guitars

    Simon Lee Guitars has taken the concept of going green to a new level. The guitar bodies are made from recycled polymers (plastics) reclaimed from a variety of sources both industrial and domestic. So instead of ending up as land fill, this material becomes a Cyclotron Guitar. The necks and cores are made from maple which is harvested from managed temperate forests. The design has come about as a re-evaluation of modern guitar making. The use of new materials leads to exciting new outcomes.
  • Iglesias Guitars

    Iglesias Guitars has taken its use of wood in making guitars and transformed it into some of the most captivating wood work ever to be seen on a musical instrument. The "rattlesnake" guitar is mesmerizing! The fact that ever piece is one of a kind only adds to the special quality of these guitars.
  • John Birch Superyob

    John Birch Guitars are truly unique. These were launched to celebrate the limited edition John Birch Superyob 2001 guitar. Located in London, these are true international beauties.
  • Lancaster Guitars

    Langcaster Guitars are made from stunning 35,000 year old swamp Kauri. If this isn't unusual enough, the stunning body design makes this guitar a true contender.
  • Gus Guitars

    Gus Guitars can be described using the same words you might use to describe a sunset. They are alluring, dazzling and radiant. The craftsmanship of these uniquely designed beauties delivers over and over again.
  • Garage Guitars

    Gargage Guitars' site features wonderfully unique guitars from a collection by maker Michael Spalt. From the Brass Bhudda electric guitar to the Ruby, you are guaranteed to be wowed by the beauty and unusual design approach Michael takes when creating an instrument.
  • Fuquay Inlay & Guitar Co.

    Fuquay Inlay & Guitar specializes in elaborate custom designs in hand cut shell and pearl inlay, and hand crafted electric guitars in unique designs. These inlays are beautiful and expressive.
  • Girl Brand Guitars

    Girl Brand Guitars is innovation at its best. They feature some of the most original guitar designs ever! The Shop girl is absolute genius! Using Tip2strip technology the pin up model on this guitar actually loses her swimsuit! All of the artist guitars are true works of art!
  • Metal Carver Guitars

    Metal Carver guitars are machined from billet aluminum stock on manually controlled machine tools. The properties of alloy aluminum enhance sustain and bring out harmonics that you cannot hear on wood guitars. If there was a guitar definition for the term "cool", this series of guitars could easily be it!

    Phil Sylveter creates one of a kind handmade guitars. Each guitar begins as a loose idea in Phil's head which he expresses by using such items as drift wood, hub caps, or anything else interesting.
  • Teuffel Guitars

    Teuffel Guitars has taken creative license in their interpretation of the guitar. The Birdfish, which has won many awards, is an example of abstract visual art blending with the craftsmanship of guitar design.
  • Belly Jelly Music

    Bill has made Cigar Box Guitars for several Grammy award winning musicians and other professionals. It's his mission to show the world that the cigar box guitar has been around for over 150 years and it's not a toy, but one of a family of instruments that were made to have their own unique sound.
  • Specimen Products

    Specimen's custom series of instruments balance individuality with craftsmanship. The aluminum series is an absolute visual euphoria.
  • Auerswald Guitars

    Auerswald is the inventor of the Sustainbow and has many other unique guitars in its showcase.