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Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

  • Telefunken USA

    Professional Series microphone systems are hand-built replicas of familiar classics. From the Ela M 251E to the U47 to the C12, each system is assembled in the USA and includes a wooden mic box, modern style power supply and one year warranty.
  • Gefell (Microtech Gefell)

    The M 990 exhibits high sensitivity and with that an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. It combines modern large diaphragm capsule technology with the typical warm full sound of tube microphones preferred by vocalists and soloists. The UM 900 is the first switchable pattern, valve condenser microphone which can be connected to industry standard 48 volt phantom powering using a normal 3-pin XLR microphone cable. The UM 92.1 S studio microphone features the classic M 7 capsule which is renowned for its sound quality. This pressure gradient transducer uses two large diameter gold sputtered plastic membranes. The M 92.1 S exhibits high sensitivity and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. lt has the typical warm full sound of tube microphones preferred by singers and soloists.

  • Neumann

    The upper end of the Neumann large diaphragm condenser line (LDC's) includes such models as the M147 tube (a cardioid K47 capsule), the M149 tube (a variable dual-diaphragm K49 capsule) and the M150 tube (an ideal microphone for orchestral recording and string scoring using a transformerless tube amplifier). Their more affordable line of LDC's includes the TLM 103, TLM 127, TLM 170, TLM 193, TLM 67, and TLM 49. Other large diaphragm condensers include the legendary U87 Ai and U89 i.
  • Wunder Audio

    Wunder Audio offers several different models of large diaphragm condersers (LDC's). Their flagship model is the CM7. It comes with the original large-style U47 transformer that was used in the earlier U47's, including the legendary "Large Badge" U47. Other models include the CM12, using the larger Hiller T14/1 output transformer that was standard in the early C12, the CM7 GT, a more affordable version of the CM7, and the CM49/CM50, two microphones modeled after the Neumann M49 and M50. The CM49 Tube Microphone comes with the original AC701K tube and M7 capsule. The CM50 Tube Microphone comes with the original AC701K tube and Spherical capsule.
  • Brauner

    Tube models of Brauner microphones include the VM1 (a microphone that captures the spirit of the classic vintage tube microphones and at the same time, meets the high technical standards of today’s modern microphones.), the Valvet, the VMA and the VMX. FET LDC's include the Phantom V, the Phantom Classic, the Phanthera and the Phanthera V.
  • Josephson Engineering

    Josephson Series Seven microphones provide expert users with unprecedented flexibility -- any pattern can be selected in mixdown, not just during the session. The C700S allows any number of patterns to be derived for any single-point stereo or surround pickup.
  • Blue Microphones

    Blue Microphones offers a full line of LDC's, including their flagship model, the Bottle. The Bottle combines low noise and superb transient response integrated with a system of eight optional interchangeable capsules (the Bottle Caps). In an instant, these bayonet-mount capsules can be exchanged to provide different tonal characteristics and pickup patterns while the power supply remains on. Other models include the Cactus, the Kiwi, the Mouse, the Blueberry, the Dragonfly, and the Baby Bottle.
  • Pearlman Microphones

    The Pearlman TM1 microphone uses a large diaphragm, 6 micron, gold sputtered capsule that sends the incoming signal to a New Old Stock WWII Vintage Telefunken metal tube (electrically identical, except for the heater voltage, to the very expensive Telefunken VF14 used in the famous Neumann U47).
  • Bock Audio

    Bock Audio offers three models of LDC's. The flagship vintage 251 is "the" vocal sound people ask for, but the original (vintage) versions are 50+ years old and sound very different from one another. The 151 is a microphone designed to sound as close as possible to the flagship BOCK 251 up close but cost 30% less. The 195 is a custom built, hand made cardioid patterned, phantom powered, large diaphragm FET microphone.
  • Manley Labs

    The Manley Gold Reference is a multi-pattern tube microphone designed to provide truly accurate musical recordings. The all-tube electronics are built around two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. The Reference Cardioid Microphone shares the same electronic attributes as the Gold Reference Series but has a center-fixed cardioid-only capsule with a thicker gauge (6 micron) gold sputtered diaphragm. Manley also offers a Gold Reference Stereo Microphone.
  • Sony

    Sony's C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone is designed for the highest possible sound reproduction quality. It features a high-quality dual large diaphragm for true reproduction of vocal qualities, vacuum tube warm sound quality through a 6AU6 vacuum tube, a unique Peltier-based cooling system to achieve optimum tube operating temperature, and an electronically selectable pick-up pattern (Omni/Uni) for various recording applications. The C38B is a large diaphragm FET condenser microphone for recording instruments.
  • AKG

    AKG offers the C12 VR, an exact replica of the original C 12, from the capsule sound to the original 6072A vacuum tube. The only difference is that its self noise and some components were optimized to meet the current state of the art. The C 414 B-XLS is a reference-quality microphone especially used for accurate, detailed pickup of any acoustic instrument. The C 414 B-XL II is a classic microphone with a distinctive timbre especially designed for recording of solo vocals and solo instruments.
  • Beyerdynamic

    The MC 840 is a compact large diaphragm studio microphone with a gold vaporised double diaphragm and five selectable polar patterns (omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-eight). The MC 834 condenser microphone features a extremely linear frequency curve and a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Due to its cardioid polar pattern it has a high gain-before-feedback.
  • Shure

    The KSM44 is a multiple pattern (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional), externally biased, dual large diaphragm condenser microphone with extremely low self-noise (7dB). The KSM32 is a single-diaphragm, side-address, cardioid condenser microphone for highly critical studio recording and live sound productions. The KSM27 is a large single-diaphragm, side-address condenser microphone designed for studio use but rugged enough for live applications.
  • Mojave Audio

    The MA-200 is a large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern. It gives warm, full-bodied reproductions of vocals and instruments, with none of the shrillness and high frequency distortion artifacts that are often encountered with modern condenser microphones.

  • Charter Oak

    The CharterOak SA538 is a vacuum tube condenser microphones whose sonic integrity, extreme durability, overall design simplicity, and serviceability make it an attractive option to any of the condenser microphones of its type. The SA538B is a condenser microphone that employs two large, ultra-thin, side terminated gold diaphragms and a vacuum tube head amplifier using a selected low noise tube, and output transformer. The E700 is a dual diaphragm solid state condenser microphone which employs two 1.22" center terminated, gold sputtered, Mylar diaphragms and pure class A head amp electronics.
  • Peluso Microphone Lab

    Peluso offers a wide variety of large condenser tube microphones. The 22 47 LE tube microphone is inspired by and styled after the legendary "Neumann U-47", utilizing the German steel tube ( Stahlröhren). The 22 251 microphone is inspired by and styled after the vintage "251". It has the additional feature of 9 polar patterns. The P 12 microphone is inspired by and styled after AKG's legendary vintage "C12". It has nine polar patterns.
  • DPA Microphones

    DPA Microphones offers three different series' of LDC's. The 4041 Series uses an omnidirectional pickup pattern and comes with either a tube preamplifier or a solid state preamp. The 4041 Series is also available in stereo matched pairs, known as the 3532 Series. The 3541 Series is a complete microphone kit for all kinds of high quality soloist recordings.
  • Pearl Microphones

    Pearl has introduced its new Tube Microphones - the CT40 and the DT40. The CT40 model uses a fixed cardioid capsule while the DT40 model offers a choice of five different polar patterns making this microphone ideal for many recording applications. Other models include the CC 22, a condenser microphone for studio and live applications. The CO 22 uses the classic Pearl rectangular capsule configured in an omni-directional pattern.
  • Groove Tubes

    The GT50 Studio FET condenser microphone features a 1.10-inch hand assemble and tested large diameter capsule with ultra thin 3-micron Gold evaporated diaphragm. The GT55 has the popular cardioid polar pattern and warm Class A FET electronics. The GT60 Studio Tube condenser microphone featuresa l arge all brass capsule, a single p attern side address design, a 1.1" diameter 3-micron evaporated gold diaphram, Class A tube electronics, a -10db attenuation pad, and 75Hz low frequency roll off switch. The MD1b Vacuum Tube condensor microphone is a re-release of the 1st Groove Tubes tube microphone.

  • Red Microphones

    The Type A vacuum tube microphone system is a unique solution for any recording need, combining low noise and superb transient response along with a choice of nine different interchangeable capsules. The Type B is an affordable Class A discrete solid state mic with a foundation for interchangeable capsules.
  • Audio Technica

    Audio Technica offers a full line of large condenser diaphragm (LDC's) microphones including the AT4033/CL, the AT4040, the AT4047/SV, the AT4050, and the AT4060. These are all large diaphragm, side address condensers. The 4060 is a vacuum tube design offering a vintage sound.
  • Rode

    Rode offers three large diaphragm valve microphones with the Classic II, the K2, and the NTK. They also offer four large diaphragm solid state models with the NT2000, the NT2-A, the NT1000, and the NT1-A.

  • Audix

    Audix offers the CX-112, a single pattern, large diaphragm condenser microphone geared toward project studios, professional recording, and live stage performance. The SCX25 uses a patented capsule suspension system that is uniquely shock-mounted with an intricate machined brass ring. It delivers a pure, open air sound.
  • Studio Projects

    The B-Series microphones from Studio Projects is comprised of three models, the B1, the B3, and the TB1 (a vacuum tube design). Their C-Series offers the C1, C3, C4 (a small diaphragm model), the T3 (vacuum tube design), and the LSD2 (a stereo solid state mic). The CS-Series offers the CS1 and CS5.