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Banjo, Mandolin & Ukulele Repair

  • Acoustic Box (Richie Dotson)

    Richie Dotson provides banjo repair in Eastern Virginia. Here you will also find articles and how-to information about stringed instrument repair with pictures accompanying the "do-it-yourself" information.

    Newport News, VA
  • Intermountain Guitar & Banjo

    Intermountain Guitar & Banjo of Utah specializes in the repair and restoration of old banjos, guitars and mandolins. They also carry a large stock of guitars by Martin, Gibson, Collings and other respected makers.

    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Little Bear Banjo Hospital

    Little Bear Banjo Hospital, located in Virginia, is a full service banjo repair center. LBBH will provide appraisals of your banjo's condition before any repairs are done.

    Staunton, Virginia
  • Old World Baton

    Old World Baton offers professional mandolin, dulcimer and ukulele repair in Texas. Attention is paid to string condition, machine head operation for smoothness of tuning, neck adjustment and string height issues, tuning, proper bridge and nut fitting, and fine wood conditioning.

    Tyler, TX
  • Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles

    Based in Hawaii, Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles provides guitar and ukulele repair services.

    Hilo, HI
  • Spruce Tree Music & Repair Inc.

    Located in Wisconsin, Spruce Tree Music & Repair provides repair work for most stringed and fretted instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, violins, mandolins, banjos, harps and ukuleles. They specialize in repairs involving structural and playability issues, which means everything from set-ups to neck resets.

    Madison, WI
  • Nicole Alosinac Luthiery

    Nicole Alosinac Luthiery offers full service repair for all styles of guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, resonator and ukulele.
    Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Frank's Violins

    Frank's Violins, in Indiana, offers repair and restoration for guitars, banjos, mandolins, mandolas, mando-cellos, dobros, dulcimers, harps, ukuleles, and others, from student level instruments to fine vintage instruments. Instrument appraisals are also available.
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Mountain View Music

    Mountain View Music, in Arkansas, provides mandolin repairs in house and has a full time luthier on staff.

    Mountian View, AR
  • Chapel Allerton Stringed Instruments

    Chapel Allerton Stringed Instruments performs banjo, mandolin and ukulele repair services, such as restringing, refretting, set-ups and more.

  • offers fretted instrument repair for guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin. Types of repair includes restring and tune, set-up (action, intonation), level and crown frets, complete refret or partial fret job, broken neck, body cracks, humidifiy, install new machine heads, remove and replace pickups, repair output jack and more.
  • Fret Not Guitar Repair

    Fret Not Guitar Repair provides a variety of repair services for guitars and mandolins.
  • MandoAiki

    MandoAiki, based in Oklahoma, offers mandolin repair and restoration services, as well as mandolin set-ups.

    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Finger Lakes Guitar Repair

    Finger Lakes Guitar Repair, based in New York, specializes in the repair and restoration of contemporary and vintage fretted instruments. They have experience repairing fretted stringed instruments from flat top acoustics to classical guitars, electrics, banjos and mandolins.

    Ithaca, NY
  • Crescent Beach Guitar

    Setup and repair for all stringed instruments including banjo, mandolin & ukulele.

    Crescent Beach, BC Canada