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Solid Body Electric Guitars

  • Gibson

    Gibson offers one of the largest selections of electric guitars. Their most famous solid body electric guitar, the Les Paul, provides fat, rich tone and incredible sustain for all styles from jazz to heavy metal, and is available in dozens of different models including Supreme, Classic, Standard, Studio and Classic Antique. Gibson is also famous for their SG electric guitar who's origin dates back to 1960 when the Les Paul was redesigned. SG models include the Standard, Special, Angus Young Signature, SG-3 and the '61 Reissue. Other standout models Gibson offers are the Flying V, the Explorer and Firebird.

  • Fender

    Fender is one of the most popular choices when it comes to selecting an electric solid body guitar. The Fender Stratocaster is one of the most versatile and widely used electric guitars in music and is available in a wide array of models. The Telecaster is another extremely popular Fender model. Other models include the Esquire, Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Mustang, as well as a wide selection of signature artist models and bass guitars.

  • Paul Reed Smith

    Paul Reed Smith electric guitars come in dozens of models from the 4 main model types; Satin Finish Models; Signature Models, High Gloss Models and SE Models. Among the most popular solid body electric guitar models are the 305, Starla, Mira, McCarty, and the Custom 24 (the core of the Paul Reed Smith line).

  • BC Rich

    BC Rich offers a line of handcrafted, uniquely shaped electric guitars. Bernardo Chavez Rico (BC Rich) was originally a flamenco player and builder. In 1969 he set out to make his first solid body electric guitar. It has now been over 40 years and the BC Rich name is still synonomous with unique and beautiful electric guitar designs. BC Rich Models include the the Mockingbird, Bich, Warlock, Dagger, Beast, Eagle, V, Virgin, Ironbird, Zombie and Stealth.

  • Ibanez

    The Ibanez solid body electric guitars come in thirty different series. Each series has a number of models to chose from. Ibanez's Signature Artist electric guitar collection includes such names as Matt Bachand, Paul Gilbert, Herman Li, Munky, Noodles, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Joe Satriani, Mick Thomson, Andy Timmons, Sam Totman and Steve Vai.

  • Rickenbacker

    The Rickenbacker offers four series of solid body electric guitars. The 600 Series with five models, the 4000 Series also with five models, the Vintage Series with three models, and the C Series with six models. Rickenbacker is famous for being the electric guitar of choice for such bands as the Beatles, the Byrds, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and many more. Their 12 string electric solid body models helped define the rock sound of the 60's and 70's.
  • Hamer Guitars

    The Hamer Designer solid body electric guitars come in six different models, each with their own unique features. Most are limited model editions. The Korina Junior utilizes a full depth dovetail neck joint to provide resonance galore. The Standard Custom features a bound body from one piece of Honduras mahogany, a 3-piece stressed Mahogany bound neck, a large dovetail joint, crown inlays made with Mother of Pearl and a Flame maple top. The Studio comes in three models - the Studio Custom, the Studio P90 and the Studio. Other models include the Talladega and the Vector Korina. Hamer also makes an XT Series of solid body electric guitars which includes the Californian, the Standard, the Sunburst and the Vector.
  • Dean Guitars

    Dean Guitars manufactures 15 series of electric guitars, and each series offers between 2 and 33 guitar models. Dean solid body electric guitar models include the Dean 30th Anniversary, Dean Artist, Dean Caddy, Dean HardTail, Leslie West Soltero, Soltero, SplitTail, Dean Vendetta, Dime Razorback Series, Michael Schenker and Dave Mustaine models, Dean ML, Dean V, Dean Z, and the Custom Zone.
  • Godin Guitars

    Robert Godin offers five different series' of electric guitar models. The Performance Series are solid body electrics and basses. The Signature Series combine the best in wood, hardware and electronics. The A-Series produce acoustic sound with the comfort of a solid body electric guitar. The Redline Series is designed for the more aggresive player. The Passion Series is Godin's top of the line series.  
  • Epiphone

    Epiphone manufactures three series of solid body electric guitars, and each series includes several models. The Designer Collection includes the 1958 Korina Explorer, 1958 Korina Flying V, EM-1, Firebird Studio, Prophecy EM-2 EX, Prophecy EM-2 FX, Prophecy Futura EX, and Prophecy Futura FX. The Goth Collection includes the Goth '50 Explorer, Goth G-400, Goth Les Paul Studio, and Goth Thunderbird-IV. The Les Paul Collection includes 19 models of electric guitar.
  • ESP Guitars

    ESP offers five series' of solid body electric guitar models, and one series of semi-hollow body electrics. The ESP Series comes in custom and standard guitar models, while the LTD Series comes in standard and deluxe models. The ESP Signature Series of electric guitars comes in over 20 models that include such names as Ron Wood, Richie Sambora, Michael Paget, Matt Devries, Travis Miguel and many others.
  • AXL

    AXL manufactures 10 series' of electric guitars. The Mayhem FireAx features an angular body, a floating tremolo bridge, two sets of humbuckers, and one single coil pickup for tonal variety. The Marquee SRO features EMG-designed pickups, a solid alder body, a rosewood fretboard, and a classic style pickguard. The third series of solid body electric guitar, the Badwater SRO, features a distressed body, antiqued hardware and EMG-designed pickups. Visit their website to view the other series' AXL has to offer.
  • Hagstrom

    Hagstrom offers five series' of electric guitar and three series of bass guitar. Within each series are multiple models. If you combine all of their electric models you'll have over 20 to choose from. Most are solid body electric guitars but there are multiple hollow and semi-hollow body models to choose from as well.
  • Gretsch Guitars

    Gretsch makes several models of solid body electric guitar, including the Bo Diddley, Mini Diddley, Billy Bo, Malcolm Young and the Malcolm Young II Signature series, the Electromatic Solid Body Collection, Electromatic Double Neck, 23 models of the Professional Collection and the G. Love Electromatic Corvette.
  • Jackson Guitars

    Jackson solid body electric guitars come in several different models. The Dinky Series comes in six models including the Pro, Artist Signature and the Select. The Kelly Series comes in three models - the JS, the Pro and the Select. The King V is the flying V series of electric guitar and comes in five models. The Mark Morton Signature Model features a chambered body made of mahogany with a flame maple top, mahogany neck with shark-eye inlays on the compound-radius ebony fingerboard, coil tap switches on the Seymour Duncan ’59 humbucking pickups, Tune-o-matic bridge, Sperzel pearl button tuners and chrome hardware. The Phil Collen Signature Series electric guitar features a mahogany body with Quilt maple top, bolt-on quartersawn Eastern Hard Rock maple neck with compound radius maple fingerboard and Fender Stratocaster headstock, DiMarzio pickups with Jackson Sustainer/Driver in H/S/S configuration, Floyd Rose Original tremolo and gold hardware.
  • Taylor Electric Guitars

    The Taylor Classic range of electric guitars features chrome hardware, a maple neck, and a trans white solid ash body with a vintage crushed pearl pickguard. The full output Style I humbuckers are clear and tone rich. The sculpted armrest and cutaway on the Standard features an Ivoroid binding.  Without sacrificing tonal nuances the coil-exposed Taylor Style II humbuckers allow for a large, aggressive sound . The Custom has an exotic, heavily figured koa or walnut top making it a favorite among wood lovers.  The T5 Standard is a semi-hollow body electric guitar.  It is a hybrid with real analog electric and acoustic tones. The T5 Standard is available in 6 or 12 string models featuring chrome hardware and either a spruce or maple top. The T5 Custom comes in 6 or 12 string models featuring gold hardware on most models and a spruce, maple, koa or other exotic top.
  • Miniarik Guitars

    The Minarik Guitar is a scientifically advanced electric guitar. Their design features custom tone chamber engineering throughout the entire body. Every design feature on this body shape has a purpose. Increased mass on the left side of the body accents low frequencies and reduced mass on the right side increases the voice-like high frequencies. They currently offer 8 models of electric guitar, including the Medusa, Trinity, Inferno, Goddess, Lotus, Halo, Diablo and Manta.
  • DiPinto

    DiPinto offers four solid body electric guitar models. The Galaxie 2 features a mahogany body, a maple neck, two DiPinto “Dual Single” humbuckers, one volume control, and one tone control. The Galaxie 4 features four DiPinto single coil pickups and a five position switch or 4 rocker switches. The Match IV features a plain white with dot inlay, a tune-o-matic bridge with a stop tailpiece, and a three position toggle switch. The fourth model of electric guitar, the Hellion, is lightweight and has a set neck with neck-though carve, an ebony fretboard with pentagram inlays, and a solid mahogany body and neck.

  • Fernandes Guitars

    Fernandes offers many different styles of electric guitars to fit your needs. They offer the Ravelle, comprised of six different models, and the Vortex with three different types of finishes. Fernandes also offers eight other solid body electric guitars, each offering a couple of different types of models.
  • Danelectro

    Danelectro offers several models of solid body electric guitar, including the '59 Modified in black, the '59 Original (in a choice of copper, black, white/gold, psychedelic and left handed models), the 12 String in red or black, and the '58 Longhorn bass.

  • Ampeg

    Ampeg manufactures two models of electric guitars: the AMG100, which is crafted from traditional vintage electric guitar tone woods and has custom removable pickups, a 3-way tone circuit and a 24-fret hard maple neck; and the classic ADA6 Dan Armstrong solid body guitar with a plexiglass, see-through body and custom removable pickups.
  • Silvertone

    Silvertone solid body electric guitar offerings include the Blues Master, Fastback, Liberator, Revolver, Rockit, and the S. Master Pro and S. Master Special. Silvertone has been an icon in the American guitar industry for decades and builds instruments with contemporary styling. Many Silvertone products come with a Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Zemaitis

    The Zemaitis custom shop offers several electric guitars, including the Pearl, Metal & Disc Front Series, Sculptured, Superior and the Standard Series. The GZ Series of solid body electric guitars offers the quality of handcrafted Zemaitis guitars at an affordable price.
  • G&L Guitars

    G&L offers the Comanche, Legace, and the S-500 solid body electric guitars. Their Semi-Hollow instruments have long been a signature part of the G&L family. Each of their guitars is offered in all kinds of different colors. They deliver a rich, full, woody tone on every note. The acoustic chambers are musically fine-tuned.
  • Laguna

    Laguna solid body electric guitars come in six models. The LE222 MBK uses Laguna's signature lightweight body that's designed for comfort and easy playability. The LE222 MSL features satin nickel hardware and is available in metallic black or metallic silver. The LE322 AVB and LE322 TWB each feature custom-wound Alnico V, coil-tap pickups and a striking finish. The LE422 TBC has a wood blend that produces a full range of tones and a highly figured AAA Flamed maple veneer. The LE422 HBT electric guitar is all about aesthetics you can see, feel and hear. The 524 FRTRD has the same wood combination as the 422.  It has added extra frets, a flatter radius fingerboard that adds speed, and a double-locking tremolo system that is superior to others. The LE524 FRTBK has "Custom Shop" looks fused with high-performance features.