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Stands, Holders and Mounts

  • Guitar Ideas

    Guitar ideas offers all kinds of different accessories for guitars including things like unique wall mounts and stands for the serios guitar player. They have several other mounts for other instruments like ukuleles, mandolins, and many more.
  • Guitar Holder

    Guitar Holder is a guitar stand that can attatch to the side of anything and is safe, stable, and will never fall over. The only sofr guitar stand that fits in the palm of your hand. They offer pictures and videos of the guitar holder at work in real life situations.
  • Hercules Guitar Stand

    Hercules Stands offers several different types of guitar stands, which include floor stands, mini stands, racks, hangers, and accessories. They also offer stands for other instruments including keyboards, lighting, speaker, and many other stands.
  • Mad Mounts

    Mad Mounts offer several guitar mounts including Guitar Wall Mounts, Guitar Stands, and New Small Mounts which are Custom metal guitar wall mounts to hang or display your electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. Mad Mounts offer extremly unique guitar mounts with one of a kind designs.
  • RKS Guitar Stands

    RKS Guitar Stands offers a couple different guitar stands. The main guitar stand is called the Gig Stand. It is a small, lightweight, and extremely portable stand that will replace your wobbly stand.  The GigStand is designed to be sturdy and sleek as well as foldable.
  • Quick Lok

    Quick Lok offers a wide variety of different types of guitar stands. They offer a total of 26 different types stands and each with there own unique features. They offer stands for many other instruments including keyboards, mixers, and many more.
  • Spoonstudio

    Spoon Studio offers completly custom Guitar Stands. There main guitar stand is called the Memory Stands. One of their stands is made from an old rocking chair and they take great pride in making stands from other objects.
  • Old Dog LLC

    Old Dog offers one main guitar stand that is called the Road Warrior. It is a rugged, professional grade guitar stand made with lightweight, high performance polycarbonate. This guitar stand is meant for Electric guitars.
  • Designs by Grace

    Designs by Grace offers stands for three different instruments which are the violin, cello, and guitar. They offer one stand for the acoustic guitar and one other stand made for an electric guitar. Each of the stands are offered in three four different finishes.
  • Display and Play Case Company

    Display and Play Case Company offers nothing but wall mounted guitar holders that are easy to open and easy to take out the guitar and play it. And just as easy to put in back in the case for a more professional look for your guitar.
  • Drew Brophy

    Drew Brophy offers one guitar stand that is a rotating guitar stand. It holds three guitar in a simple but sophisticated look for a guitar stand. It comes with guitar locks, it also has a switch that rotates to display all three guitars at once.
  • Willowdrum

    Willowdrum offers stands for many different instruments including guitars, banjos, and mandolins. They offer three different types of woods for the stand which are maple, walnut, and cherry. Each of the stands are going for around $135.
  • Helstron Guitar Stand

    The Helstron Guitar Stand is a wooden guitar stand. It is a very simple yet elegant design that is said to fit any instruemnt. The wooden stand is lined with felt on the base and neck to cushion the body of the guitar,
  • BBR Woodworks Guitar Stands

    BBr Woodworks offers two main guitars stands which are the Stage Model and the Adjustable Full Size Model. The stage model is a smaller guitar stand which is used during performances, or if you just want a smaller stand. The Full Size is taller and bigger more for a use in the house.
  • Hamilton Stands

    Hamilton Stands offers three main guitar stand which are the KB38, KB916, and KB918. Each of the guitar stands offers its own unique features. The KB38 is the biggest and most popular, having already won awards. The other two are a smaller verson of the award-winner.
  • Urlacher Guitar Stands

    Urlacher Guitar Stands offers handcrafted wood guitar stands. They offer the Bellezza Wood Guitar Stand. It is designed for classical and steel-string guitars, lightwieght and portable. The stand comes in two different woods which are the Curly Maple which is the $555, and the Figured Walnut which is $575.
  • Gruven Stands

    Gruven Stands are American Made, handcrafted in Elk City, Oklahoma. They offer Premier Hardwoods Stands, Guitar Stands, Violin and Mandolin Stands, Banjo Stands, and many other types.
  • Teel Guitar Works

    Teel Guitar Works offers one main guitar stand which is the GS-1. The stand is durable and light and is easy to unasseble so you can easily travel with it and assemble it where ever you need to.

  • Haven Guitar Stands

    Haven Guitar Stands offers one main guitar with several different types of finishes. Each of the stands are $495. And he will send out veneer samples when requested.
  • Fender Guitar Stands

    Fender offers the Gig Stand, weighing little more than the average guitar cable.

  • My Father's Workshop

    My Fathers workshop offers unique furniture for your home. They convert all kinds of instruments into furniture that you can use everyday. But they do also offer regular guitar stands if that is what you are looking for.
  • Sterner Guitar Stands

    Sterner Guitar Stands offers The Bellezza wood guitar stand. It is designed for classical and steel-string guitars. They offer two different wood finishes which are they Curly Maple ($555), and the Figured Walnut ($575).
  • Jason Perry Designs

    Jason Perry Designs offers a Rustic Wood Guitar Stand. It is made from natural wood and put together to look like natural wood. This guitar stand looks like natural sticks put together to form a guitar stand.
  • Gator Cases

    Gator Cases offer a few different guitar cases. One is called the Guitar Stand Briefcase which is a foldable compact design, available with tweed or black pvc. Deep Plush red or black interior, and many other features.

  • Stagg Stands

    Stagg Stands offers several different music stands, including foldable, orchestral, desktop, and many other styls of stands available, but mostly offer other accessories.