Your guide through the mountains of online stringed instrument information

String, Upright & Double Basses

  • Jean Auray Luthier

    Jean Auray builds and restores double bass instruments, including a removable neck travel contrabass. Jean offers quite a few models of string bass. His 4/4 model violin shape upright can be built in 4 or 5 string configurations. Jean also offers Charlie Haden 3/4 and Diana Gannett 3/4 models of string bass. There is a Renaud Garcia-Fons 5 string 4/4 model double bass as well. Jean's removable neck system is offered on all of his master craftsman double basses. The sound quality of his instruments is in no way diminished by the removable neck system.

  • G Edward Lutherie

    G. Edward Lutherie offers the Eminence Removable Neck upright bass for the traveling musician. It fits securely in a golf club flight case and features electronics for plug and play versatility. This string bass features a Rock maple neck, ebony fingerboard, laminated spruce top, laminated Curly maple back, 3" air chamber depth, a 10-1/2" x 31-1/2" body size, a fully adjustable maple bridge, and a weight of only 14 lbs. The Eminence Removable Neck double bass comes in 4 or 5 string configurations. Mr. Edward also builds a fixed neck, 4 or 5 string upright bass designed for portability that features the same body dimensions as the removable neck contrabass.

  • AES Fine Instruments

    Arnold E. Schnitzer, of AES, builds custom double bass instruments of the finest quality. It takes Arnold between 300 and 400 hours to build one of his string bass creations. Types of wood used include quilted Bigleaf maple , Sitka spruce for the tops, Oregon Black walnut and others. Overhangs are 5mm or more. Unique features include a graphite reinforced neck for enhanced stability. For increased depth and volume there is a specially carved and braced back. Check out Arnold's gallery of upright bass instruments that he has built in the past.

  • K.C. Strings

    K.C. Strings offers five series' of string bass. The K.C. Series is a student grade upright built in Beijing. The Heartland Series are graduated and fitted with a bassbar. These double bass instruments are designed for advancing students. The Richard Williams contrabass is made with a higher level of craftsmanship from European woods. The Williams & Krutz string bass is hand crafted entirely by K.C. Strings' senior luthiers. The Anton Krutz upright bass is the top of the line instrument offered by K.C. Strings.

  • Gerard Samija Luthier

    Gerard Samija works out of his home in Vancouver, building and restoring violins, cellos, and double bass instruments. Gerard constructs his string bass masterpieces with a balance between volume and playability. He can also make upright bass C-extensions. Mr. Samija offers repairs and restorations due to the large amount of damage caused by the airlines when transporting contrabass instruments.

  • Gorman Basses

    Gorman Basses, located in New Brunswick, Canada, is operated by Don Gorman. Don's upright bass instruments are played all over the world and they feature beautiful craftsmanship, sound and playability. Don also builds affordable student double bass instruments, and offers string bass set-ups, repairs and restoration.
  • Heartland String Bass

    Heartland String Bass Shop is owned and operated by Chris Threlkeld-Wiegand, and offers hand crafted double bass instruments, complete upright bass repair and restoration, neck grafts, and custom low C and B extensions. Chris builds his string bass instruments using select maple for the back, sides and neck, and spruce for the top. Heartland also features an inventory of finely restored upright basses.
  • JR Judd Violins

    The Samuel Shen Model 80 string bass is constructed to provide a good tone at a reasonable cost. This upright bass is fully laminated with an attractive lacquer varnish, and a hand-carved neck and scroll. The Samuel Shen Model 90 string bass, refered to as "the blonde" double bass, is also fully laminated with a clear lacquer varnish. This contrabass is built to look and sound like the old Kay basses with jazz players in mind.
  • Thomas Martin

    Thomas Martin, along with his son George, offers custom string basses in four styles. The Thomas Martin double bass features Mountain spruce and fir for the tables and fittings, English "Baker" style tuners, round and flat back styles, and two sizes (4/4 (42") and large 3/4 (41")). The Bergonzi upright bass features a lower register and a string length of 103 cm. The Ruggieri upright is a four or five string bass with a 29" bottom and 42" string length. The Five String double bass features a string length of 106 cm.
  • Upton Bass

    The Upton Bass String Instrument Co. offers a variety of Upton double bass instruments, as well as basses from Engelhardt and Shen. Upton contrabass instruments feature ebony fingerboards, tailpieces, nuts and saddles. These string basses can be customized with 5 strings, left handed, Eb necks, C-extensions and tuner upgrades.
  • Kolstein Music, Inc

    Kolstein Music is the parent company of Samuel Kolsteing & Son, Violinmakers. They offer many string bass instruments, including the Kolstein Busetto Travel Upright Bass, the Lee Rocker Busetto String Bass, the Kolstein Busetto Removable Neck Double Bass, and Orchestral Bass Violin, Fendt and Nardelli models of bass violin, and many, many others. Check out their inventory.
  • Los Angeles Bass Works

    Los Angeles Bass Works is owned and operated by Lisa Gass. Lisa concentrates on restorations, repair, building and sales of double bass instruments. Her inventory includes Eastman string basses, Hungarian upright base models, Paesold intermediate double basses, orchestra contrabass models, and  pre-owned/vintage string bass instruments.
  • Classic Contrabass

    Classic Contrabass is owned by Michelle Fiore. Michelle has dedicated her life to the double bass. Aside from doing string bass repair, Michelle also sells carved upright instruments, as well as Shen models, hybrids and laminates.
  • Mike Asetta

    Michael Asetta maintains a full performance schedule and also repairs/restores double bass instruments in his shop in Central Connecticut. A large number of string bass and other stringed instruments are for sale, ranging from student and orchestra levels to rare upright basses and cellos.
  • Nahrmann Bass

    The Nahrmann Bass Shop in New England offers a large selection of new and used double bass instruments from a variety of luthiers. Typically you will find string bass instruments from such luthiers as Doetsch, Eastman, Gagnon, Johannes Rubner, Paesold, Pollmann, Snow, Stentor and Shen. There are also Rumanian and Korean upright instruments available.
  • Nick Lloyd

    Nick Lloyd's main focus is the double bass. Lloyd upright bass models include a Walnut Gamba, a Brescian and a Panormo. Nick also carries Samuel Shen string basses. C-extensions are available, as are repairs. Nick's New Standard string bass models, in either plywood or hybrid designs, include the La Scala and the Cleveland. 
  • Robert Ross

    Robert Ross specializes in the double bass. Based in Denver, Robert has an excellent gallery of string bass instruments he has built in the past. Much of his time is spent on repairs, restorations, set-ups and C-extensions. 
  • Ronald Sachs Violins

    Ronald Sachs carries a complete line of string bass instruments, violins, violas, cellos, bows, cases and accessories. Ronald also does upright bass restorations. All of the instruments in the Ronald Sachs rental program are made at his shop.
  • Solano Basses

    Rumano Solano is a professional orchestral musician and a master double bass maker. Each upright bass is hand crafted and of the highest quality. Rumano works with each client on the design, materials, artwork and price of his string basses. Solano double bass instruments are made in the old Italian master tradition.
  • Stringed Instruments Restoration and Making

    Stringed Instruments Restoration & Making is located a few minutes outside of New Orleans. Owned and operated by Salvador Giardina, this shop specializes in making and restoring double bass instruments, as well as cellos, guitars, electric and acoustic bass instruments, violins and more. 
  • The Acoustic Bass Shop

    The Acoustic Bass Shop specializes in repairing and restoring double bass instruments. There is always a number of upright basses for sale. Typically you will find string bass instruments from Cremona, Christopher, Busetto, Symphonica and Eminence on hand. The Acoustic Bass Shop also offers contrabass rentals.

    Bruce Sexauer offers string bass repairs, set-ups and sales from his shop in Petaluma, CA. Typically, there are a dozen or more upright bass instruments ready for immediate sale. These are mostly mid-range quality double basses. Bruce can handle Jazz, Bluegrass or Classical contrabass set-ups.
  • Zachary S Martin

    Zachary S. Martin specializes in the repair and restoration of contrabass and cello instruments. C-extensions are custom fit to each upright bass and can be reversed. Zachary's shop is located in Providence, RI.
  • The String Emporium

    The String Emporium is a dealer specializing in upright, double bass instruments. They typically carry Giovani Battista Rogeri upright basses, Wan-Bernadel Deluxe string bass instruments, and an inventory of under $3000 double basses. There inventory is constantly changing. 
  • A440

    A440, out of Chicago, specializes in the repair, sales and rental of double bass instruments. They have a large inventory of string basses ranging from under $2000 up to $10,000. They also deal in violins, violas, cellos and bows.