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Tenor Guitar Luthiers

  • Earnest Tenor Guitars

    Earnest Guitars offers a wide selection of both acoustic and electric tenor guitars. Models include the Tenorcaster, Flying TV, Radiator, Rosetta, Veronica, Selma and the Big Red. Tonewoods include Mahogany, Rosewood and Koa. Electric models are built with Kent Armstrong pickups.

  • Goldtone Tenor Guitar

    Goldtone Guitar's TG-18 Tenor Guitar features a traditional vintage design, built with a solid sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, ebony fingerboard and bridge, micarta saddle and nut. These acoustic guitars produce a solid tenor sound and tone.

  • Soaresy Guitars

    Soarsey Guitars is a small old fashioned guitar shop located in Portugal. Tenor guitar models include the Baby with a 20 1/2" scale (also available in 8 string), a 23" scale flat top tenor guitar, a 23" scale archtop tenor, and a 23" scale acoustic electric tenor.

  • Evergreen Guitar

    Evergreen Mountain Instruments builds a tenor guitar with a body length of 18 1/2", a lower bout of 14", and a waist of 8". Each acoustic tenor guitar has a 14 fret neck. Tenors made by Evergreen are tuned to "C G D A" with a scale length of 23". They can also build tenor guitars tuned "D G B E" to any guitar size.
  • Players Vintage Instruments

    Players Vintage Instruments is a vintage dealer and they carry a great inventory of some great old acoustic Tenor Guitars, including Martins Epiphone, Bacon & Day, National, Gibson, Washburn, Vega, Weissenborn, and other classic vintage tenor guitar brands.
  • Fletcher Instruments

    Fletcher Instruments has been formed to manufacture and market a new line of acoustic stringed instruments - the TenorTone tenor guitar. TenorTone guitars are a line of hand-crafted four-string tenor guitars patterned after an early 1920's vintage tenor guitar, offering a small body with a four-string banjo-style neck. The TenorTone guitar offers a beautiful throaty sound that is a wonderful complement to a wide variety of acoustic music traditions.
  • Bowerman Guitars

    Jason Bowerman hand crafts a variety of acoustic instruments, including an orchestra-sized flattop that makes a powerful long scale 4 string tenor guitar. Jason also offers lapsteel and mandolin models, as well as a traditional dreadnought and an auditorium flattop.

  • Lark in the Morning

    Lark in the Morning sells all kinds of guitars and acoustic stringed instruments. Based on a 1930's model Lyon and Healy, the Lark in the Morning Teardrop tenor guitar can also be restrung as an octave mandolin or even as a bari uke. The Teardrop tenor is a handmade guitar with all solid woods, an overall length of 32 6/8", and a scale length of 22 5/8".