Your guide through the mountains of online stringed instrument information

Tuning Machines

  • Grover Tuners

    Grover offers rotomatic, locking rotomatic, vintage, classical, and bass tuners. The Rotomatic tuners have a gear ratio of 14:1 and come in nickel, chrome, black nickel, gold satin, gold, black chrome, and chrome satin. The nickel or gold Classic tuners come as a butterfly style with pearloid buttons and plastic coated string posts. The Bass tuners haev a gear ratio of 20:1 and come in 2 treble, 2 bass or 4-in-line styles.
  • Shaller Machine Heads

    Schaller Electronic builds machine heads for the guitar, bass, classical guitar, mandolin, banjo, and ukelele.
  • Experimental Musical Instruments

    Experimental Musical Instruments offers a variety of tuning machines. These include economy and quality mid-sized, bass, friction, and classical guitar tuning machines.
  • Robson Tuners

    Keith Robson hand makes steel string tuners. These tuners feature bronze alloy gear wheels, string posts, and bushes, oval, Mother of Pearl, or hardwood buttons, and blackened gear center screws. Buttons are available in Mother of Pearl, boxwood, snakewood, ebony, cocobolo, boxwood, and faux ivory.
  • Fender Tuning Machines

    Fender has a variety of tuning machines in their catalog. They have chrome finish, brushed finish, staggered height array, gold non-staggered, and nickel plated styles.
  • Hip Shot products

    Hip Shot offers chrome, black, and gold locking and regular tuning machines.
  • Gilbert Tuning Machines

    Gilbert offers various customizable tuning machines. Their machines come with ebony, snakewood, or imitation Mother of Pearl knobs and Abalone, Mother of Pearl, snakewood, or ebony dots. You can also choose between black or gold plates.
  • Kluson Tuners

    Kluson offers a variety of tuning machines. Options include 3 on a side, 6 in a line, plastic buttons, pearl buttons, gold, and nickel varieties.
  • Planet Waves

    Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuner has a cutting tool for easy string cutting. It is available in chrome, black, and gold finishes.
  • Alessi Tuning Machines

    Nicolo Alessi creates tuning machines for classical guitars. He offers a variety of 6 string, 10 string, nylon, steel, 12 string, and steel string tuning machines.
  • Rodgers Tuning Machines

    Rodgers Machine Heads are hand built for mainly classical guitars but are available to steel string guitars, Staufer guitars, and Lacote style guitars. Each set of tuners is built to order using brass, nickel silver, or Sterling silver.
  • Sperzel Tuners

    Positive tuning control.
  • Taylor Tuners

    Taylor offers chrome plated and gold tuners, 12 string mini tuners, ebonoid buttons, and nylon series tuners.
  • TonePros-Kluson

    TonePros-Kluson offers various configurations of tuning machines. The TPK33 are classic 3 per side vintage style tuners. The TPKR3 are similar to the TPK33 but are in a 3 on a Rail style. The TPKB3 feature a 15:1 tuning ratio with a 3 per side style. The TPKB3L feature locking tuners with a 3 on a side style. The TPKF6B are designed for the 6 in line format. The TPKF6BL is similar to the TPKF6B but with locking tuners.
  • Ken Smith Bass Tuning Machines

    Smith Tuning Machines are available in chrome, black, and gold.