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UK Electric Guitar Builders

  • Martyn Booth

    Martyn Booth builds nine solid body electric guitar models in the UK. Included in their line-up are the Classic, Signature, British Icon Series, Standard, Standard Plus, Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, Special and Special Plus models. The Classic and Signature solid body electric guitars are built of some of the finest woods available. Their "Plus" package features a sexy gloss finish and cream binding on the fingerboard.
    Sudbury, Suffolk
  • Coley Guitars

    Coley offers a half dozen models of solid body electric guitar built in the UK, including the Melody Maker, the SG Hammer Phantom, the Coley DC1, the Telecaster, the Coronet and the Wilshire. The Coronet is a clone of Steve Marriot's Dwight coronet. The Melody Maker is very much like Joan Jett's model but with some custom features. Likewise, the Telecaster model solid body electric guitar offers some new features as well.
    Carmarthenshire, Wales
  • Patrick Eggle

    Patrick Eggle features their Classic range of solid body electric guitars, along with a custom built range and a new range of guitars from their latest brochure. The Classic range of electric models consists of over a dozen styles of guitar, most of them solid body. The new range features five new models, three solid body styles and two semi-hollow types. Patrick Eggle's custom range affords the player the luxury of designing their own guitar.
  • Legra

    Legra, hand crafted in the UK, offers a range of custom build electric guitars built to the customer's specific requirements. They also build the PG600 rock guitar model, the RC600 retro style electric, the MG600 jazz/blues guitar, and electric bass guitars. Legra's custom builds are truly original and are worth checking out.
    Leigh-on-Sea Essex
  • Simon Lee Guitars

    Simon Lee offers their line of "Cyclotron" electric solid body guitars. These are high quality, hand made, sustainable instruments using environmentally sound processes and materials. The "Jasper" offers a futuristic design. The "Guthrie" is a rock and metal design. The "Benton" is a Tele classic style. The "Webster" features three single coil Bare Knuckle pickups.
  • Gordon-Smith

    Gordon-Smith offers over 10 models of electric guitar built in the UK. The GS Series features single or double cutaway, one piece maple neck, left handed option, tunamatic bridge and more. The Gypsy Series offers a thick 1 3/4" cutaway body, mahogany neck and 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. The SG Series is a slim bodied classic SG style electric guitar. The Classic "S" is a strat style, while the Classic "T" is a telecaster style. An Explorer and Flying V model is available as well.
    Partington nr Manchester
  • Black Machine

    Blackmachine builds five models of solid body electric guitars in the UK. Two of these are 6 string styles, one has 7 strings, and two have 8 strings. The B2, B6 and B7 all have 648mm scale lengths and 24 frets. The models 8 and F8 offer 711mm (28") scale lengths. The B2 is Blackmachine's flagship 6 string electric guitar. The B6 is a scaled down version of the B2.
  • Kendall Guitars

    Kendall Guitars of the UK offers their K2 and K3 base models of custom electric solid body guitars. The K2 base model features a flame maple top, mahogany body and neck and two Seymour Duncan humbuckers of your choice. The K3 base model features an alder body, maple neck, flame maple top, and one Seymour Duncan humbucker, two hot rails or cool rails, etc.

  • Blackspot

    Blackspot designs three shapes of solid body electric guitar with a choice of American Black Walnut, European Cherry or Canadian Maple. Their standard range features 630mm scale lengths, 44.6mm width (options available), a chunky neck profile and a 16" fretboard radius. Blackspot also offers a wide variety of custom solid body electric guitar models to choose from.
  • Case Guitars

    Case Guitars of the UK builds solid body, semi-solid flattop, semi-solid archtop, and carved top semi-solid archtop electric guitars. The J1 model is a solid body electric with a carved top of either Quilt or Flame maple. It features Bare Knuckle or Armstrong pickups. The JV carved top has a deep carved, highly figured Flame maple top with two sound chambers. The JV body is a "flying V" shape.
    Birchington, Kent
  • Fliski Guitars

    Fliski Guitars is mostly a custom electric guitar maker, but also features the "Maverick", a bolt-on stripped down model, and the "Caravan", made of exotic woods with the option of solid body or chambered body styles. Fliski's custom instruments afford the player one on one discussions with the luthier with full options for body style, material and hardwear.
  • JJ Guitars

    JJ Guitars offers the Retro Lux, a classic double cutaway solid body electric guitar, available with either a stop tail bridge or a tremolo bar. This guitar features a carved solid maple top with beautiful grain. The Electra model is also a solid body electric but features a single cut design. The top is carved from premium AAA grade maple.

    Ilkeston Derby
  • Organic

    The Organic "Standard" features a one piece African Padauk body and a one piece neck with Seymour Duncan pickups. Their "Classic" solid body electric guitar offers book-matched maple and exotic tops with custom wound Organic Bareknuckle pickups. The "Mono" is a single cutaway design with hand wound Bareknuckle P-90 pickups, a solid African Padouk body and ebony fretboard.
  • Damian Probett

    Damian Probett builds handmade solid body electric guitars in the UK. His International S Series is a classic single cutaway design that comes in a choice of two models. The International H Series is also a classic single cutaway design but offers an acoustic chamber body. The Rapide Series is a "modern vintage" design with the tonal characteristics of '50s instruments coupled with modern comfort.
    Farnham Surrey,
  • Solwayer Guitars

    Solwayer, hand made in the UK, offers three electric guitar models. The Type 1 features a single vintage humbucker at the bridge. The Type 2 adds a vintage hot single coil neck pickup. The Type 3 offers two classic hot humbuckers. All pickups are Bareknuckle types. Solwayer guitars come in a choice of ash, mahogany or korina woods.
  • Status Graphite

    Status Graphite offers their Slipstream models of electric solid body guitars built in the UK. The Graphite Slipstream comes in coral red with twin humbuckers, a tune-o-matic bridge and gold hardware. A one-piece graphite molded body is a feature of every Status Slipstream guitar. The Maple Slipstream is also a one-piece graphite body instrument but features a solid maple top that adds a little warmth to the tone of the instrument.
    Colchester, Essex
  • Sovereign Guitars

    Sovereign builds five models of electric guitars and basses. The SV1 is designed for playing the high frets in comfort. The SV1 Special comes in pearlescent colors. The SVR Standard and the SVR2 Standard round out their six string line. Sovereign also offers the SVB model bass.
    Wootton Bassett, Swindon
  • Stevens Custom Guitars

    Stevens Custom Guitars specializes in custom Telecaster style electric solid and semi-solid body instruments. A variety of woods, finishes and custom artwork is available. All Stevens custom Tele designs are made to order. Stratocaster styles will soon be available.
  • Vanquish Guitars

    Vanquish offers their "Legend" range of solid body electric guitars built in the UK. The Legend Classic features a hand selected Brazilian mahogany body and neck. Vanquish also offers the Legend Custom where the customer can specify their own guitar.
  • Rob Williams Guitars

    Rob Williams hand crafts his solid body electric guitars in the UK, offering his Classic model "Strat" style with three single coil pickups, and his Classic Custom with two single coil pickups and one humbucker near the bridge. Rob's Model T is a "Tele" style electric guitar. The CJB is a four string bass.
  • PR Guitars (Paul Richardson)

    Paul Richardson builds custom solid body electric guitars and basses in the UK. There are three models in his electric guitar range, the DCR (double cutaway bolt-on neck), the SCR (single cutaway fixed neck) and the SGR (double cutaway fixed neck). All guitars feature a 25" scale.
  • Gus

    Gus builds very distinctive electric guitars. The G1 is their mainstay range fitted with a Gus hardtail bridge and twin Gus Tube humbuckers. These are highly original solid body instruments. The G1 range offers a 7 string, a baritone, a piezo, a 10th Anniversary model and a MIDI version.
  • Clive Rees

    Clive Rees builds quite a variety of electric guitars in both solid body and semi-solid body (chambered) styles. These hand built UK instruments feature carved or flattop designs, jazz models, single or double cutaway, a variety of beautiful wood choices, vibratos and more.
  • KGB Musical Instruments

    Check out KGB's gallery of "headless" solid body electric guitars built in the UK. This company also handcrafts bass and acoustic guitar models, as well as Hawaiian style and 12 string instruments.
  • Jaden Rose

    Jaden Rose offers his Original Series, JRG Metal, Singlecut, JHM Signature Range and the Multiscale. All solid body electric guitars are built in the UK and come with many options available. Jaden Rose uses many exotic woods.