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Ukulele Dealers and Stores

  • Intermountain Guitar and Banjo

    Intermountain Guitar & Banjo offers a wide variety of mostly vintage and some new ukeleles.  There are instruments from Regal, Martin, Lyon & Healy, Kamaka, Harmony, Gibson, and other smaller makers.
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Ukulele World 2

    Ukulele World2 features fine-crafted ukuleles with over 20 brands of Ukuleles..... in all 4 sizes... soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone Ukulele. We offer fine ukuleles for beginners and professional players.
    Houston, TX
  • Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles

    Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles specializes in handcrafted solid wood Ukuleles made in Hawaii from the skilled craftsmen at Kanile'a, Kamaka and G-string as well as hand-made Ukuleles from the workshops of Luthiers on the island of Hawaii.
    Hilo, HI
  • Bills Music House

    Bills Music House carries a number of stringed instruments including ukuleles from Martin, Ovation, and an assortment from Oscar Schmidt such as sopranos, tenors, bell ukes, electric ukes, baritones, and concert ukes.

    Baltimore, MD
  • Elderly Instruments

    Elderly Instruments has a varied collection of ukeleles for sale.  They offer ukes from AW, Concertone, Dixie, Emenee, Flamingo, Gibson, Gretsch, Harmony, Maccafferi Mastro, Martin, Slingerland, Stella, and Supertone.
    Lansing, MI
  • offers a wide assortment of solid wood ukuleles from Kamaka, Maui Music, KoAloha, Pono, Martin, G-String, and Lehua as well as other ukes from Fluke, Lanikai, and Bounty.

    Kahului, HI
  • Deerfield Music

    Deerfield Music carries ukuleles from Oscar Schmidt, Applaus, Hilo, and Excel in addition to other world and folk stringed instruments such as mandolins, banjoes, and latin guitars.
    Antioch, IL
  • Gryphon Stringed Instruments

    Gryphon Stringed Instruments has new and used ukeleles from a variety of makers.  These include Ukiyo, Asturias, Fluke, K-Wave, Kamaka, Kiwaya, Lehua, Martin, Pono, Renaissance, and Silvertone.
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

    Washington Music Center offers a large selection on guitars including ukuleles.
    Wheaton, MD
  • Guitar Gallery of New England

    Guitar Gallery of New England is a dealer of a wide selection of guitars including ukuleles.
    Amherst, NH
  • Cremer Guitarworks

    Cremer Guitarworks provides sales and service of a wide range of new and vintage instruments including guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukueles, etc.
    Aurora, IL
  • The Guitar Infirmary

    The Guitar Infirmary is a full service guitar storefront that includes a complete line of guitars, equipment, and accessories, guitar repair, guitar restoration, guitar lessons.
    Auburn, IN
  • The Guitar Factory

    Guitar Factory offers HoneyBell custom ukuleles.
    Orlando, FL
  • George's Music

    George's Music offers a wide variety of Kala ukuleles from the Kala Makala Concert Ukulele to the top of the line Kala Koa Baritone Cutaway Ukulele w/ EQ.

    Beach, FL
  • The Acoustic Guitar

    The Acoustic Guitar Store carries Uke, National, Ukiyo, Fluke, and Flea Ukeleles.
  • Boogie Music

    Boogie Music carries two ukuleles from Excel including a baritone and a soprano as well as other World & Folk instruments such as mandolins and banjoes.
    Phoenix, AZ
  • Dan's Guitars

    Dan's Guitars carries ukuleles from Kala, Kamaka, Ko Aloha, Lanikai, Pono, and more.

    Honolulu, HI
  • Westwood Music

    Westwood Music offers a full range of Mandolins, Ukuleles, and Banjos from Collings, Deering, Epiphone, Gibson, Hilo, Magic Fluke, Ohana, Stagg, Kentucky and now New Millennium.

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Moze Guitars

    Moze Guitars carries ukuleles from companies such as Johnson, Martin, and Hohner, including metal ukes as well as slant wall racks to show off your collection.

    San Diego, CA
  • The Starving Musician

    The Starving Musician carries ukulele accessories such as strings and bags.
    Pomona, CA
  • Randee's Music Center

    Randee's Music Center carries ukuleles from Lanikai and Samick as well as mandolins and banjoes from various makers.
    Rockford, IL
  • Same Day Music

    Same Day Music is a dealer of Ukuleles from Lanikai.
    Midland Park, NJ
  • More Music

    More Music carries ukuleles from Concertone, Enderby, Hilo Hawaiian, Kala, Kalaha, Kiwaya, Kohala, Mele, and Ukebrand.

    Santa Cruz, CA
  • The Guitar Emporium

    Guitar Emporium carries ukuleles from Fluke, Mahalo, Johnson, and Sears.

    Louisville, KY
  • Janet Davis Music

    Janet Davis Music has ukeleles from Oscar Schmidt, Martin, Hilo, and Gold Tone.

    Bella Vista, AR